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Hockey drills for

  • Use pilons to set up two squares 
  • Around the dotted head circle (left and right next to/opposite the goal) 
drawing Dribbling passing shooting 1 vs 1 at goal with condition
  • Put out the pilons as shown in figure three, distribute the balls over pilons C and D.
  • In this exercise you place one player each at pilons C and D, the rest of the team will line up at pilon A. 
  • From A the player runs around the pilon, from the pilon the player makes a sideways movement facing the ball (facing C). 
  • Player C plays the ball in the forehand of A, A takes the ball and opens to the right, runs towards the circle and finishes at goal.
  • From here, he runs towards D and receives another ball.
  • The player spins open to the left and finishes on goal again. 


Passing and scoring

  • Each pilon has a player on it.
  • Player A plays wide to the left to player B and chases the ball.
  • Player B plays the ball diagonally to the right to player C and chases the ball
  • Player C plays wide to the left to player D and chases the ball
  • Player D plays diagonally to the right the ball to player E and chases after the ball
  • Player E takes on and scores with flat / stroke
  • Player E continues to the left around the extra pilons (out of practice) back to position A



  • Balls start on the left from position B (pilon/position A is omitted), before that a pilon is added to the edge circle (position F).
  • player 1 plays the ball from position B diagonally to the right to player 2 at position C and chases the ball
  • Player on C plays wide to left to player in position D and chases after the ball
  • Player in position D plays the ball diagonally to the right to player E and chases after the ball
  • Player in position E plays wide to the left to player in position F and chases the ball
  • Player in position F takes on the fh or high bh and scores with a (backhand) stroke and
  • Runs outside the exercise to start position (B)

Variation 2:

  • 2 rows of players behind pilons A and B
  • Player 1 plays the ball wide to the left and runs straight to position C
  • player 2 takes the ball and plays player 1 diagonally to the right in the fh while running (towards position C) and runs straight ahead towards position D.
  • player 1 takes the ball in the fh around position C and plays the ball wide / backwards back to player 2 (towards position D) and runs to position E
  • player 2 takes the ball (preferably with fh) and with foot position in direction E and plays the ball diagonally forward back to player 1 (direction E: rather just in the circle / edge circle than behind player 1)
  • player 1 takes on and strikes / fats as fast as possible towards goal (do not bring the ball back) and runs outside exercise back to position B

Variation on 2:

  • After that player 2 has delivered the ball to player 1 the 2nd time / last time, he / she becomes (passive) defender at the next set
  • the defender is not allowed to go into the circle (or rather not even behind the line (position C/D) from where he/she started (position D)
  • takes off the ball then floats over a line between position A and B.
  • The 2 players that come up stay inside the box (width of pass lines) but are free in construction, they may also cross behind, cross over but no passes in the air (no lifts).
  • the No. 1 scores and, just like the defender, runs outside back to another position. The No. 2 becomes defender


  • hands apart while controlling
  • foot positioning open
  • control it for a follow-up pass or even a quick bounce back
  • Score after 2 contacts (control, max 1 other touch) 
    • see hands/feet position/distance from the ball at hitting and flats accents
  • Ben in the al float and passes out of the run.
  • Ball back on takeover run and round off on goal.
  • Player A runs with the ball passes to player B, gets the ball back and rounds on goal.
drawing Handball and rounding
Practicing the Indian dribble.
Points of attention:
  • Turn stick with left hand.
  • Lower hand loose as a quiver.
  • Watching the ball and watching where you run.
drawing Indian dribble
  1. Choose 1 warm-up exercise from the warm-up exercises.
  2. Charging and Indian dribble:
    1. A pushes the ball to B and B rebounds the ball wide.
    2. A runs through to the one who can and receives the ball.
    3. A runs the Indian dribble towards the pawn. Fetch the ball from left to right.
    4. After the pawn drift back to the starting pawn.
  3. Passing over the backhand side:
    1. The player runs towards the pawns. You can stand there as a defender.
    2. The player threatens to pass on the left side but then moves to the right. Have them use a Dummy or a Reverse.
    3. Finish with a flats on goal
drawing Training
  • Trainer calls color code: example WHITE RED RED the one who reaches the circle first may hit first:
    • Floating with ball.
    • Looking at ball and seeing how to run.
    • Looking at your teammate to determine if you can hit on goal.
drawing Floating with Ball
  • Watching where you walk/drive.
  • Paying attention to 10-yard line before rounding on goal.
drawing Floating with ball 6-sided variant
On a half court.

Attacking combinations with skills that keep the speed of the ball high and can effectively achieve circle penetration.

drawing Give & Go with tempo changes
Set-up 3+1 against 3+1 with goalkeepers.

drawing Double dragon
  • We start with the goalkeeper coming out and kicking ball to defender 1 through the gate.
  • Defender 1 runs with a run and takes the ball behind the gate.
  • This defender loses possession of the ball to A1 due to a pass into the left up feint space.
  • A1 passes the ball to run-in A2 with a feint pass.
  • A1 switches and starts putting pressure on A2 who drives the ball protectively between the pawns and has to watch out first for forehand or backhand shave from V1 and then a steal from V2. Defender play at 70%. After this A2 plays A3 in with pass from the wrist.

  • A3 Starts at the same time as A2 gains possession of the ball, but shoots first after an elevator on goal and then goes to offer himself for A2's ball as described.
drawing Protecting ball and conquering ball with finishing up
Switch and pass effectively toward goal attempt with overtime.

drawing Switching and effective passing toward goal attempt with overtime