Hockey drills for attack / offense


If the attacker passes the ball back to the support player, the support player can pass the ball to the other side of the field (move the ball).

The defender on the side of the field, where the ball is not, must always stay behind the other defender (in 6-a-side hockey).

  • The players are divided into teams of 3.
  • The game is played 3-3 on different fields.
  • Players can score in 2 goals and therefore have to defend 2 goals as well.


  • Take away a goal.
  • Each team can only score on 1 goal
  • and therefore only have to defend 1 goal.

The exercises can be played in 2 variants the variant for really beginning hockey players (this exercise can be used for a clinic for example) and the variant intended for beginning hockey players who have already been in touch with hockey.

Variation 1:

  • Player 1 plays the ball to player 2,
  • Player 2 receives the ball and passes to player 3.
  • Player 3 receives the ball and shoots at goal.
  • Player 4 tries to stop the ball with the bottom of his foot or with his stick.
  • Player 4 retrieves the ball and joins the back of the line at the starting pawn of player 1.
  • For safety's sake don't shoot on target when player 4 picks up the ball.
  • It is also possible to get the balls out of the goal later or use a break for that.
  • This is for safety reasons.

Two teams with substitutes, substitutions are made when a goal is scored.

Each person defends a goal, on each field there are 5 goals, so there are also 5 people who defend these goals.

If a goal is scored in your goal, you have to sit on the sidelines and you are changed. A new player (substitute) from the side enters the field and will defend the goal.

If a goal is scored, it is 1 point. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

First 1 ball, then several balls in the field.

  • A takes the ball and runs towards the circle 
  • There stands a defender  
  • A plays the ball back to B
  • B moves the ball to C
  • If the ball is at C, the 4 against 2 starts
  • Then the defenders can take the ball.
  • Tips for the attackers:
    • Creating speed
    • Positions in the circle
    • Playing the free man
    • Daring to finish
  • Tips for the Defenders:
    • Close the pass line to the goal 
    • Let the attackers make the mistake. 
  • A is the striker and wants to shoot at goal
  • B wants to defend the attacker and push to the other box with a jab. 
  • Tips defender:
    • Stand so that the attacker can only go to one side. 
    • Put pressure in an effective way
    • If they are in the other box, put a double with two
    • Can intercept more often to keep the pace of the game at a high level
  • Game with the three teams,
  • Make three equal and fair teams. 
  • A team starts as the defenders (on the picture the red one).
  • A team starts as the attackers (in the picture the blue one)
  • a team behind the 23 meter line (on the picture the white one)
  • For the defenders the intention is to pass the ball to one of the white ones in the box at the 23 meter line.
  • For the attackers the intention is to score.
    • When they have scored they get 1 point
  • For the team behind the 23 meter line, they are supposed to take the ball as the defenders take it to their pass. 
  • If the ball is with the team that is behind the 23 meter line their attacks will start.
  • The team that was attacking and the team that was defending will be in the box behind the 23 meter line. 
  • In this way, it keeps on turning. 
    • The one who gives the most points at the end wins. 
  • Tips for the attackers
  • Play the freeman when you are in possession of the ball and make sure that someone runs deep into it
  • Pass over your opponent's backhand side
  • If you are not in ball possession make sure you close the lines to the people in the box behind the 23 meter line. 
  • Tips for the defenders
  • Make sure you are defended outside the circle so that they can't pull out
  • Keeps track of your own male
  • Close the backhand side so they can't pass over it.
  • If you do have the ball look up the space and keep passing until there is a hole and you can give it to the people in the box. 
  • Further practice with half court press.
  • The goal is that they realize what to do when the ball is passed. 
  • How are we supposed to walk as a front runner. 
  • Ball starts at A 
  • The 3 defenders will stand in such a way that the line is closed and so the ball can only be passed to the sides or back out.
  • A gives the ball towards B because the line is closed. 
  • Now comes what the whole exercise is about what the 3 defenders should do now.
  • V1 slides so that it is in front of the ball so that the ball cannot be given straight forward.
  • V2 stands between the person with the ball and the ball goal line
  • V3 which dribbles to the attacker C who comes closer. V3 prevents C from getting the ball and defends on the inside. between the opponent and the goal. 
  • From here on it is a 3:3 
  • On the other hand it is exactly the same and discs the defenders the same.
  • You let them play a 3:2. Red wants to score the goal and blue wants to intercept and defend the ball.
  • When the exercise is running you can add the extra blue defender later on. 
    • This player will run a tackle back. 
    • He is allowed to run when the first ball is played.
  • Instructions you can give to the attackers
    • Ball should always be able to go back, 
    • Create speed and keep it in your attack,
    • someone makes depth so that you keep the field long, pass the ball into the forehand of your fellow player, 
    • Pass the ball over the opponent's backhand side.
  • Questions you can ask the attackers
    • What is the purpose of the exercise? 
  • How can you reach the goal and what do you have to do for it? 
    • What is the task of which player with which pilon?
    • Which pass technique is best to use?
  • Instructions you can give to the defenders
    • Slow down your opponent by pushing them outward, 
    • You don't have to take the ball right away but wait for the opponent to make a mistake, 
    • The line must always be tight
  • Questions you can ask the defenders
    • What is the purpose of this exercise for you?
    • How can you reach the goal and what do you have to do to achieve it? 
    • What is the most important task you have within this exercise?
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