Hockey drills for hitting


Points of attention

  • A should give a hard targeted push in B's forehand. 
  • B comes offering and runs through the ball. stick on the ground moving forward. 
  • Takes the ball while running and accelerates with the forehand along the pilons, holding the ball to the stick so DO NOT give a tap. 
  • Comes into the circle, aligns the ball and strikes the goal (hands together, left foot in front in the direction of the goal, dropping a little through your knees, finish your stroke).
  • On the other hand, the same thing is the same, only you have to drive along the pilons to keep the ball one step in front of you. 
  • Switch on the same side so A to the spot of B and vice versa. When all the balls are around you change sides and do the exercise on the other side. 
  • There are 2 passers on the PC points on the back line to the right and left of the goal. 
  • The player starts behind the 25 yard line, receives the ball from the left, gets the ball to the semi-circle and then has to score. 
  • This player then sprints past the penalty mark, then sprints back behind the 25 yard line, and then has to run back towards the goal to receive the pass from the other attacker (right) and do the same (scoring, sprint past the strokepunt/puntball point and back to the 25 yard line)
  • Use pilons to set up two squares 
  • Around the dotted head circle (left and right next to/opposite the goal) 
  • A starts with the ball and makes eye contact with B
  • B moves on and indicates where he wants the ball and receives the ball from A
  • He completes his turn and makes eye contact with C 
  • C starts running and gets the ball from B
  • C runs into the circle and shoots at goal
  • Execute exercise on the other side as well 

The player with the red pilon is ready for the long corner. This player plays the ball to the left and gives the ball to the player coming from the white pilon. The player of the white pilon plays the ball as hard as possible into the circle (towards the goal). 

When the long corner is taken, the players try to run into the blue and orange pilon and intercept the ball. The player who intercepts the ball scores on the back line and the other player scores on the 23-m line. It becomes a 1 to 1.

Swap: Red - White - Blue - Orange - Red

Attention: The player who takes the long corner stands ready as if he himself is going towards the circle. Pass the ball hard and low towards the dot. 

  • Put out the columns as shown in the figure
  • Spread the balls over pylon C and D.
  • In this exercise you place a player at pylon C and D.
  • The rest of the team will line up at pylon A.
  • From A onwards, the player walks around the pylon
  • From the post, the player makes a sideways movement facing the ball (facing C).
  • Player C plays the ball in the forehand of A
  • A takes the ball and turns right open
  • A runs in the direction of the circle and finishes at goal. 
  • From here he runs to D and receives another ball. 
  • The player turns open to the left and finishes on goal


  • Each team has 2 goals. (see rules triple hockey).
  • 3 against 3 where 5x passes is 1 point (if the ball is intercepted, start counting again).
  • possibly 3 against 2 games with 1 player (trainer?)
  • always with the attacking team (complicated exercise!)
  • Each team has 5 inverted pylons to defend.
  • The pylons are on the line and the players may only stand/defend on their own half.
  • Which team knocks over the pylons of the other first.


  • The children are placed in 2 rows.
  • The trainer stands just behind the 2 rows and rolls a ball forward.
  • The front 2 players try to conquer the ball.
  • The player in possession
  • drives the ball towards the goal.
  • The other tries to conquer the ball again.
  • From a marked point, the ball may not be taken away and the player in possession makes a shot at goal.


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