Hockey drills for passing

  • Put out the columns as shown in the figure
  • Spread the balls over pylon C and D.
  • In this exercise you place a player at pylon C and D.
  • The rest of the team will line up at pylon A.
  • From A onwards, the player walks around the pylon
  • From the post, the player makes a sideways movement facing the ball (facing C).
  • Player C plays the ball in the forehand of A
  • A takes the ball and turns right open
  • A runs in the direction of the circle and finishes at goal. 
  • From here he runs to D and receives another ball. 
  • The player turns open to the left and finishes on goal


  • Pass the ball to a fellow player under/over the pylons with stick.
  • Passes: push, slide and flats.
  • Stick at different heights
  • increase distance between each other
  • pylons closer together (gate smaller)
  • Perform the exercise with groups of three


  • Each team has 2 goals. (see rules triple hockey).
  • 3 against 3 where 5x passes is 1 point (if the ball is intercepted, start counting again).
  • possibly 3 against 2 games with 1 player (trainer?)
  • always with the attacking team (complicated exercise!)
  • Each team has 5 inverted pylons to defend.
  • The pylons are on the line and the players may only stand/defend on their own half.
  • Which team knocks over the pylons of the other first.


  • Player A runs towards pylon 1 or 2, whichever player B designates.
  • A runs back to his starting place.
  • Then A plays the ball to B.
  • Player B does the same


  • Run with the ball and pass the pylo, then play the ball to your fellow player.
  • Take the ball on the forehand and run to the pylon and pass.
  • At the end of the exercise run back to the beginning
  • Change sides after every turn.


  • You place 11 pylons at different distances, under each pylon you put a stack of city names.
  • Each 2 tries to reach all 11 pylons as fast as possible.
  • You dribble to a pylon, take a city map and take it back with you, tap the next one and it runs to another pylon.
  • Each city you return to the trainer will be stamped on the 11 city card.
  • Who reached the 11 cities first?

    (first practice without ball and stick)


  • From the two pilons, aim (push/slide) at the inverted pilons.


  1. defender 1 passes to attacker 1
  2. attacker 1 to attacker 2
  3. through pass from attacker 2 to attacker 1
  4. defender 1 defends on attacker 1 when he has received the through pass
  5. attacker 2 attacks > 2v1


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