Korfball drills for all skills

  • Side plank:
    • Support on stretched arm or elbow, other arm points up.
    • Rotate torso and twist upper arm under the armpit, turn back and move arm up again.
    • 5x on left arm, 5x on right arm
  • Superwoman:
    • While lying down, move your right arm stretched forward and at the same time lift your left leg off the ground.
    • Hold this for 3 seconds and then switch legs and arms.
    • Try not to sink sideways or turn your pelvis.
    • 5x left and 5x right
  • The worm:
    • You stand and bring your hands in front of your feet on the ground.
    • Hold for 3 seconds, then you move your hands one step forward, also hold for 3 seconds, finally you come to a lying position and you hold that for 3 seconds as well.
    • Then you return to the starting position in two steps, each step holding for 3 seconds.
    • Do this 5 times.
  • Hopping on your left leg through the rope ladder, at the end you make an evasive move to the right, you get the ball and score.
  • Next time you hop on your right leg and after the ladder you dodge to the left and score.
  • Score together 15 times.
  • Two numbers:
    • Who scores the most laps?
  • Number 1 is going to shoot, number 2 is going to catch.
  • The number 1 starts in front of the basket and will shoot 1 time on each side of the basket. (front, right, back, left)
  • If the number 1 shoots 50% of these 4 chances, he/she may start a new round.
  • The number 1 counts how many rounds he/she makes.
  • When not 2 of the 4 chances are hit, then there must be changed.
  • After 5 to 10 minutes, the player who has made the most rounds is the winner!
  • Too difficult:
    • Score once per round.
  • Variation:
    • Start the first round at 2 meter, then at 4, 6, 8 and 10 meter.
  • You shoot at 6 metres in front of the basket.
  • The other one catches it.
  • The ball is played out again and the catcher runs away from the basket.
  • He gets the ball back and shoots at about 6 meters.
  • The person who catches the ball, plays off, runs away and gets the ball back and shoots.
  • Which pair will be first to score 10 times?
  • You have 5 active attackers in the field, 4 attackers and 1 defender.
  • The 4 attackers throw over and stay in motion, ball in hand is staying still.
  • The scapegoat may tap the person with the ball notThe attacker must look where the catcher is going and throw the ball.
  • The ball must be held as short as possible.
  • When one of the attackers is tagged, they change function (attacker becomes tag, and the tag becomes attacker).
  • Perform various tasks with each other under the basket:
    • 7 balls in front of the basket.
    • 7 penalty throw in front of the basket.
    • 5 shots in front of the basket.
    • 5 passes behind the basket.
    • 5 shots behind the basket.
  • Per pole with 2 or 3 participants you start with 20 balls which are indicated from the space.
  • When 20 have been scored you and your pole continue with the next exercise.
  • 10 distance shots from the spot.
  • Scored?
  • Move on to 10 dodge balls.
  • Each team has to score these goals.

  • 2 or more players per pole.
  • Player 1 starts at 1 meter of the basket with shooting he/she will shoot 1 out of 2.
  • Every time you hit the target, you move back one meter.
  • If you miss at a certain distance twice in a row, the next one goes.
  • Goal from 1 meter 1 point, 2 meter 2 points, 3 meter 3 points etc.
  • Total 50 points per pole.
  • Make it more difficult by going up to 100 points etc.
  • Each player gets his own pipsack.
  • They are told an action by the trainer, which they perform.
  • This can be touching your head, sitting down and standing up quickly, etcetera.
  • As soon as Yes is called (or another action word), the piping bag can be taken.
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