Korfball drills for all skills


Games with calling as goal and shot clock where there must be a shot within a certain time and also important that one may only hold the ball for up to 4 seconds

Various exercises are possible, especially it is important that the support plays the ball and the receiver immediately throws it back and goes after it

  • 1 declarer throws the ball to the person in front of the basket then he takes a shot when the ball is caught under the basket he then goes inside and takes a walkthrough ball finally he takes a short chance afterwards.

Important: Tightplacement and quick release so that the ball can be walked on immediately.

  • Point count:
    • Shot counts 2x
    • Walkthrough counts 1x
    • Short chance counts 1x
  • 4 teams at a pole, ball is played around (not too long) until someone goes for the catch.
  • This happens after that person passes the ball.
  • By this movement there is a hole in the 4-0,
  • That hole is filled by a player who will then take a shot.
  • The ball is caught by the rebounder and played out,
  • rebounder gets away at the post and the 4-0 is restored.
  • This is repeated.
  • Basic is the same as dynamic attack part 1,
  • however, after the rebounder has caught the first shot, he/she will immediately look for a free team-mate at the back of the game.
  • in this way, 'the second chance' is created.
  • rebounder stays standing and catches the ball again, plays it off and moves away from the post himself.
  • It is important in this exercise that all four players are on the move,
  • When the first player takes a shot, the player at the back of the net must already be freeing themselves and getting ready to take the second shot.
  • exercises dynamic attack 1 and 2 are performed with defenders,
  • attackers have to be good at moving and getting free of their opponent.
  • If the first shot does not work, a deep line can be run.
  • It is important that the first pass after the rebounder has position should bepassed for a shot.
  • If the team-mates are not free enough, the ball will not be passed.
  • Per pair at a basket.
  • Start with 2 distance shots and score pp then get an assignment card from the trainer.
  • Add up the points on the cards.
  • player 1 and 2 stand opposite each other at about 3 meters.
  • player 3 stands about 3 meters next to player 2.
  • player 1 throws the ball with one hand to player 2.
  • Player 3 must try to get the ball out of the way.
  • Now it is important to throw well and on time otherwise player 3/defender can take the ball.
  • Pairs,
  • running around the circle of pawns.
  • When you hear a 'YES' you have to pass the ball as fast as possible.
  • After scoring three times you may switch with the attacker.
  • After that with pulling away under the pole of the declarer,
  • If you score as declarer you may remain standing,
  • Otherwise you change with the taker.
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