Korfball drills for defense

  • 4 against 4.
  • Pay attention to the basic set-up, to the ball pace and to the movement of the players, so that there is not just one attacker moving.
  • Make the game more surprising by moving the ball, pulling the ball away, throwing it deep, etc.
  • 3 attackers against 2 defenders.
  • Attack within a radius of about five metres around the basket.
  • All attackers may shoot.
  • The defenders must try to score as few goals as possible.
  • 5 x 1 minute. After each minute turn around.
  • If the number is right, you can specifically train zone defence during the game: Zone defending.
  • The defenders let go of their opponents as soon as they get further than about six metres from the post.
  • The defender then has only one task: intercepting the ball by grabbing the rebound.
  • This also includes letting the attacker shoot from distance.
  • After all, if they do not shoot, they cannot catch the ball.
  • Instruct certain attackers to give more pressure than others.
  • The art of collective backfield defending is to give the pure shooters so much pressure that they prefer to leave the shot to a teammate who is as free as a bird (but who is deliberately left free by the defence because it is known that he 'can't shoot anyway').

You will play matches with even numbers, but instead of earning points by scoring, you can also earn points by catching the ball.

  • Goal is worth 1 point
  • Catching the ball after a shot(rebounding) 2 points
  • A goal may only be scored by means of a deep line (run through from deep) or by what was trained in the previous drill.
  • 4 balls in a row, a pylon 10 metres in front of the basket, pairs with 1 ball per basket. 1 player in front of the basket with the ball near the pylon.
  • (Change every goal).
  • Play 4 against 4 in which they must perform the above exercise 5 + 6, the defense may not predefend on the support there must be 1 shot allowed.
  • After 1 shot 4-0 and again. Change task after 1,5 min.
  • Two squares are going to play against each other between four baskets, one square defending two baskets and the other square defending the other two.
  • Which pair shoots the most against the other pair?
  • A goal may only be scored by means of a deep line (run through from deep) or by what was trained in the previous drill.
  • It is the same as water-and-fire but in a korfball form.
  • On the taggers' side are 5 poles.
  • On the attackers' side are 10 balls.
  • The attacking side must try to score 2 goals on all the poles.
  • Then this pole is free and may not be used.
  • But the tappers may tap the attackers.
  • If a ticker taps an attacker, he is out.
  • If he does not tap an attacker, the attacker is out.
  • If an attacker is tagged when he just scored, all players who were tagged off are allowed to play again.
  • If two players score on the same goalpost, all attackers are free again.
  • When someone has scored, that ball is out of the game, so there are less and less balls and poles left, which makes it easier for the taggers and harder for the attackers.
  • If all attackers or all tappers are finished then we turn the functions around.
  • This game was invented by a boy on my team.
  • He always wants to do water-and-fire, but we think we can better do another game that has to do with korfball, so throwing, catching, shooting etc. So he came up with this idea and I did. So he came up with this idea and I must say, it is hard to explain, but it looks very nice.
  • The children learn to shoot further than they normally do, because they don't want to be tapped.
  • They also learn to move as soon as they shoot, because there might be a ticker behind them.
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