Korfball drills for passing / attack

  • We're gonna pass as a group.
  • We stand in two rows opposite each other.
  • We'll start as follows:
  • Pass with two hands, catch with two hands.
  • Pass with your good hand, catch with two hands.
  • Pass with your good hand, catch with your good hand.
  • Pass with the lesser hand, catch with two hands.
  • Pass with your lesser hand, catch with your right hand.
  • With the whole team, catch and throw well, if you don't do this and the ball falls to the ground 5 times.

For variation, you can also add special ways of throwing (behind the back, through legs, etc.)

  • 4 against 4.
  • Pay attention to the basic set-up, to the ball pace and to the movement of the players, so that there is not just one attacker moving.
  • Make the game more surprising by moving the ball, pulling the ball away, throwing it deep, etc.
  • 4 different coloured pawns around the basket,
  • One stands in front of a pawn, the other stands under the basket with a ball.
  • The leader calls out the colours in order, then you have to run in that order and shoot at the last colour.
  • If you score first you get 1 point. Who is the first to get 5 points?
  • Then change.
  • Diamond shape with pawns.
  • Make several runs and pass in the meantime.
  • Push off very important

(3:1) There is play. There are always 4 of the 5 positions filled. So everybody has to keep moving. There are no 3 persons next to each other etc.running-lines

  • Make groups of 3 to 4 cows.
  • Start at the side and stop at the other side.
  • Number 1 throws to 2,
  • 2 to 3
  • and 3 to 1 again.
  • Always about 3 mtr and kk are instructed to use diagonal running lines.
    • Pay attention to throw for the lady and show the hand which has to be thrown.
  • Number of times without opponent and then with opponents.
  • You get one point for reaching the line.
  • When the ball is intercepted, everyone stands on the same height as the player with the ball and then they can start.
  • 1 attacker
  • 1 defender
  • 1 attacker

  • Attacker at cone
  • Attacker runs between 2 or 4 cones to receive ball at cone

Goaltender throws to forward goes after the ball for:

  • pass
  • dodge
  • shot

Bitch catches and throws to opposite side etc. With 2 balls at the same time.

  • Put four caps around the basket at a distance of 4 meters.
  • 1 in front 2 on either side of the basket and 1 behind the basket.
  • The players at the front/back are 1 team and the player on either side of the basket are 1 team.

Option 1:

  • A shot is taken by a random player all 4 players try to grab the rebound.

Option 2:

  • There is shot by a random player all 4 player try to grab the rebound.
  • Once the ball is caught by a player he has 2 choices: He shoots the ball directly at the basket himself or he places the ball directly on his teammate and he takes the shot.
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