Korfball drills for warming-up


Put out a box, of about 6 by 6.

  • One person is the ticker, and has to tick off everyone.
  • The other people have 2 balls at their disposal, which they can pass on.
  • You may not be tagged when you have the ball in your hands. So if the ticker runs to someone, you must quickly throw the ball to this player. Of course you are not allowed to hold the ball endlessly.

Ball skills

  • Each child gets a ball
  • The children imitate the exercises given by the trainers
    • You spin the ball around your belly
    • You bend your knees and make an 8-move through your legs with the ball
    • You stand up straight and throw the ball from one hand over your head to the other hand (width or length)
    • You lift your knees and in the meantime you make 8-movements through your legs with the ball
  • You repeat these exercises a number of times

A nice variation of the ordinary game of tag.

You have a cat (the ticker) and you have mice. The mice have ribbons in their back trousers. This is like the tail of the mouse.
Make sure that the tail is hanging out quite a bit, otherwise the cat can't catch them.
The mice run away and the cat will try to grab all the tails. When the tail is taken away from the mouse the game is over and she can sit on the side of the road.

Variant: If the mouse's tail is picked up, the mouse can help the cat and becomes a cat.
If you have a large team you can start with 2 cats.

  • 2 groups in a row
  • All starts with the front person
  • He passes the ball over his head backwards, the next one under his legs etc.
  • Which group is first to the other side?
  • If you drop the ball you have to start over with the whole group.

4 pawns in square formation. 4 persons, at each pawn 1 person stands, 1 with ball. This person plays the ball counter clockwise, but runs clockwise to the next pawn. Continue like this. There is always a pawn without a lady, but the ball can rotate.

first basket shot, walk around second pawn for DLB. 2nd basket. Catch it yourself, handler walks to 3rd pawn, then towards the basket, stop move and pull back. Shot on 1 leg.

  • 5 shots on the wide line
  • 10 through balls
  • 10 pull-aways



Lines with wurmpies

Walking lunge

3 push-ups per line





Rotating planks

1 arm 1 leg stretched planks

With ball abs (2 pairs)

10 push-ups

Squads with jump

Squads against the wall

Support on the side

90 degrees posture


Knee to the bank

Backward presses

On and off the bench


Pairs, running around the circle of pawns.

  • When you hear a 'YES' you try to pass the ball as fast as possible.
  • Then the other runs around the circle.
  • At a series of 4, the pair has a point.

Go up to three points.

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