Korfball drills for warming-up


Exercises are performed 1x

5 pilons in 2- 4 meter rows.

  • Jogging (2x)
  • Heels/Butt 
  • Knee Lifting
  • Hopping pass with double arm swing
  • Cross pass (faces to each other)
  • Cross pass (backs to each other)
  • Connecting pass (faces to each other)
  • Connecting pass (backs to each other)
  • Twist hips outward (At each pilon)
  • Twist hips inward (At each pilon)
  • Knee movement (alternating left and right)
  • Kick movement (left and right at each pilon)
  • Walk with alternating cross-directions (do not sprint)
  • Forward connection pass (move diagonally) 
  • Rear connection pass (move diagonally)
  • 2 pilons forward 1 pilon backward 
  • 75%-80% sprint to pilon 2
  • 75%-80% print up to pilon 3
  • Knee lunges moving forward (from pilon 1 to 4)
  • Knee lunges with jump on the spot (3x per side and then sprint to pilon 4) (2x)

After these exercises the shooting will continue.

  • make 2 groups 
  • the attack takes the ball from the trainers.
  • When the defence has intercepted the ball, they  return it to the trainers. 
  • When they have scored, the team gets a bonus and is allowed to take the ball back.
  • 1 of the young trainers can act as referee to gain experience

At a distance of +/- 15 meters from each other, make two compartments with 4 pilons of 1.5 x 1.5 meters.

Make two teams with an equal number of players. 

  • Each team has its own compartment.
  • The other team tries to conquer the other team's square.
  • This happens when 1 striker is standing in the opponent's square and the ball is played by a team-mate.
  • They get 1 point. No other players are allowed in the box.
  • When the defence intercepts the ball, they may immediately start the attack on the opponent's square.


  • on time
  • with points
  • of both teams 1 player is allowed in the box
  • no limit on the number of defendants in box
  • no limit on the number of attackers in box
  • customize size of box
  • distance between boxes

  • 2 people at each post and a ball at both posts. 
  • Throw the ball to the other side and run after it, makes a run.
  • The others who are facing each other do the same. 
  • You make a run with the second person at the same time. The one who passed first throws the ball to the other side and runs for it. That's how roles are switched.
  • The passing is important because there is a fairly large area between the passer and the one who has to run.

  • One ball per groups of two/three. 
  • The players pass until they reach a post. 
  • At the post both players may shoot once. 
  • Then they have to pass again to another post. 
  • All groups just cross each other. 
  • Whichever team to achieve 15 goals first wins(optional).
  • A player stand with the ball well behind post
  • Attacker with defender in front of the post
  • Attacker must always run towards the line of pilons after a shot
  • Then wait until the passer throws the ball so he can run backwards and shoot
  • Switch after a goal
    • Pressure: 
      • Defender runs slowly with the attacker
      • Defender 75%
      • Defender full pressure


  • The group is on one side behind hoops.
  • When the signal is given, the children steal objects on the other side one by one and put them in the hoops on their own side.
  • If they are caught by a tagger, they have to put the object back.
  • Someone will be assigned to try and tag the others.
  • The game is played all over the field.
  • The group is on one side of the field.
  • When the signal is given, the children cross the field.
  • One child tries to tag as many children crossing as possible.
  • Variation
  • The children walk back and forth when the signal is given.
  • Or back and forth without waiting for a signal.
  • The children are not free on the other side.
  • With two children trying to tag.
  • With boxes with one child trying to tag the others in each box.
  • The children can be tagged in each box.
  • Who was not tagged on the way back and forth?
  • Or which group has tagged the most children?

  • Make pairs with a ball. 
  • Keep the hands up with the ball positioned between the hands of the two people, 
  • Ball is clamped by the two of them. 
  • The pair puts tension on their calves.
  • The knee is held high, the calf of the other leg remains under tension, switch knees and keep switching. 
  • Until the trainer says that you can start a sprint. 
  • The players turn around and sprint to the end of the field.

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