Soccer drills for all skills

  • Put 4 pilons in a T-shape. 
  • 5 meters next to each other (between 3.2 and 4) and 10 meters ahead (between 1 and 2)
    • Start at 1 forward to 2, 
    • then left sideways to 3, 
    • then right sideways to 4, 
    • then left sideways to 2 
    • and backwards to 1.
  • Write down the fastest time in 2 attempts.
  • Players work in pairs. 1 runs, 1 times.

  • Cover as much distance as possible in 12 minutes.
  • place pilons around the field every 10 meters. 
  • After 12 minutes the player stops where he stands. 
  • The distance to the pilon behind him/her counts. 
  • If the player stands between pilons 14 and 15, the distance of 140 meters (plus the number of complete rounds) counts.
  • Cover 1600 meters in as fast as possible.
  • Players work in pairs. One runs, the other times.
  • Take 2x 100 meters over the length of the square and 2x 60 meters over the width of the square, place pilons.
  • Players have to complete 5 complete rounds.

The game is played with at least 4 players 

  • 1 mouse that has a t-shirt or piece of fabric in the back of its pants 
  • 1 dog who has a tennis ball 
  • 2 cats without attribute 

  • the mouse walks around with the dog, 
  • The cats try to take the mouse's tail and bring it to their cone 
  • but the dog can touch the cat with the tennis ball and the cat must do a sort of punishment of the dog's choice in the camp.
  • with more players, a group can be made and 2 games can be played together


  • Players A and D start by leading the ball to players B and E (1), 
  • The latter make themselves playable next to the stick on which A and D play the ball (2). 
  • B and E bounced the ball back (3) on which A and D pass the ball again (4). 
  • Then B and E play the ball on C and F (5). 
  • Doing a targeted check behind the stick (6) to then play the ball in on A and D 
  • Which make themselves playable (7), 
  • C and F ask for the ball back on which A and D play (8) and 
  • C and F bounced the ball again while A and D walked behind the stick (9).


  • The second shape has slightly more pace than the first fit. 
  • A and D again lead the ball (1) and play in to B and E which make themselves playable (2), 
  • B and E now play in to C and F (3) on which the latter play a handball while B and E walk behind the stick (4). 
  • B and E then play the ball in the course of the next player A and D (5) etc...
    • The action is fast but timing of A and D when catching up is important.
  • Move again A-B-C-D-E-F-A.
  • Here again 2 players per place minimum.

  • Make a set of three.
  • One of three in the middle.
  • The two outer ones always play the ball in on the player in the middle.
  • The player in the middle runs back and forth between 2 pilons. 
  • At the pilon the ball has to be bounced back. 
  • A player plays the ball deep in the corner.
  • The second player sprints that way and passes the ball in front.
  • The first player is sprinting along and finishes on the basket
  • Two rows of players
  • 1 row is attack
  • 1 row is defense
  • Trainer plays the ball on to a random attacker
  • Defender must run after the attacker to defend
  • Attacker must bounce the ball back in time
  • Pay attention:
    • pass good
    • receive good
    • bounce good