Soccer drills for defense

  • Walk over the field in 2 numbers. 
  • Both players hold one end of a rope (1.5 meters).
  • Once the attacker determines the pace and direction. 
  • As soon as the rope is released when it comes to tension, the attacker has a point. 
  • Defender may only hold the rope loosely.
  • Divide the amount of players among equal teams. 
  • For example 3 teams of 3 or 4 teams of 3. 
  • Give each team its own coloured jacket. 
  • These teams compete against each other in 1 field. 
  • The first team to score is one round ahead. 
  • All players jog in over the field (square)
  • Half the number of players has a ball
  • players with ball pass the ball to a player without ball (eye contact).
  • The players are not allowed to keep the ball with them for longer than 5 sec.

  • At the moment the trainer whistles (signal), all players without a ball sprint as fast as possible to the closest player who has a ball and try to take it away.
  • The player who has the ball should try to fence it off. (1:1 duel)
  • When the trainer blows the whistle again we switch back to jogging and passing!

Nice variant is when you have an odd number of players, the player who can't find a direct opponent gets a command (for example sprint over the width of the field).



There will be 6 against 5 + goalkeeper.

If the party that has to score on the big goal has lost the ball, they have to defend 5 goals.

After 15 minutes of changing halves.


If the attackers of the triangle game lose the ball, it can very quickly result in a counter-goal.

Especially the players who don't play in the league games can't like this kind of game.

Points of attention:

Cover the man in time.

Do not go in recklessly.

Cover on the good side.

Posture during the duels, through the knees.



There is 3:3 played. Without goalkeepers.

On the goal of 7 meters may only be scored from the 16 meters area.

The other party can score on the 2 goals, from any position.

If the ball goes out at the sides, it is restarted with a kick.

After a goal or if the ball passes the backline, the game is restarted on the back line of the offensive team (triangles).

There will also be 2 new defenders and 3 new attackers in the field.

Points of attention:

Fierce defending before they are in the 16 meter area.

Make the field small when defending.



There will be 5:5 or 4:4 with extra players on the sides, the wingers. These 2 players are with the ball owning team.

The wing players may dribble with the ball first.

After a few minutes they have to play immediately.

The players on the sides are not allowed to score.

After 10 minutes or a little less the offside players change.


Players sometimes find it better to keep their own man, than to prevent a goal by stepping in or covering an opponent standing closer to the goal. Let them do it wrong a few times first. Use these situations later to give them directions.

Points of attention:

Do they know how their fellow players stand when they have to defend?

Don't let anyone release his marked man.

Stand between the opponent and the goals.

Have them positioned so that they can see the opponent and the ball.



Field setup:

2 big goals


This can be in 4 against 4 or 3 against 3 setup. Both teams play with a small ball and have to overpass given the size of the field. Because of the small field and the small ball, they are forced to take the ball well and pass cleanly.

Game rules/tips:

  • Scoring can be done in 2 ways: if the ball is kicked over the line, 1 point is deducted from the score and if the ball is scored in the goal, 1 point is added to the score.
  • If the ball is scored or kicked over the line, the ball must be given to the other team.
  • It is not allowed to score from one's own half.


Field setup:

2 big goals


2 players purple play against 3 players white. White plays with a chameleon. This means that when an attack is set up by the purple team, the chameleon plays with to the purple team. When an attack is set up by the white team, the chameleon belongs to the white team.


  • If a goal is scored, the ball must be given to the other team.
  • You may not score from your own half.
  • If the ball has crossed the line, it must be thrown in.


Field setup:

1 large goal and 2 small pylon goals along each line and 1 ball.

Course of play:

4 players purple play a game against 4 players white.


  • If a goal is scored, the ball must be given to the other team.
  • You may not score from your own half.
  • If the ball is over the line it must be thrown in.
  • The attackers must score on the big goal and the defenders on the 2 small pylon goals.
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