Soccer drills for passing

  • Scoring by dribbling across the goal line
  • Playing out the situation through positional play
  • Ball handling in position play
  • Act fast, look for a pass directly
  • Overview of the situations for moving the game and choosing the moment and direction of the passing action
  • Cutting off the opponent's pass and shielding the ball
  • Coaching defenders to cut off the line of the pass
  • Defenders coach on giving back coverage (standing diagonally behind each other)
  • Player 1 starts dribbling along 5 hats
  • Then plays player 2 who waits by hat
  • Player 2 bounces the ball back on player 1
  • Player 1 finishes. 
  • Player 2 fetches ball and joins the back of the line
  • Player 1 runs to the pylon to bounce the ball back

2 teams

  • The players have to play football 4 against 2 and must have replayed at least 3 times in the attack and a maximum of 10 times before scoring.
  • When a ball is taken off/ touched/ crosses the line or a score is scored, there must be a switch between attacking and defending.  
  • When there is no overplay, no scoring is allowed. 
  • The idea is to be able to play a game in corona time.
  • The idea comes from a table soccer game
  • Each player has his own space they are not allowed to leave.
  • By passing, the ball can be brought to the other player
  • Defense is allowed as long as it remains in his/her own discipline.
  • The field can be adjusted to the number of players

Further goals:

  • Passing
  • Positioning game
  • Shooting Distance

  • The exercise can be made more difficult by making the game faster
  • By only hitting the ball 2 or 3 times and playing quickly
  • After all, during a match you don't have that much time either
  • 2 players walk along a row of pylons.
  • Play the ball between the pawns to each other. 
  • Preferably hit 1x. 
  • Execute both left and right.
  • duration: 
    • +- 15 min
  • distance: 
    • 10 meters per pawn
  • Execution: 
    • 1:
      • A plays B. 
      • B turns open.
      • B plays to C.
    • 2:
      • A plays to B. 
      • B bounces back to A.
      • A plays to C.
  • Position switch: 
    • A to B. 
    • B to C.
    • C to A.
  • Coach moment: 
    • Play directly as much as possible.
    • Play balls in such a way that your fellow player can act immediately.
      High tempo.
  • Make 2 groups.
  • Make a competition of who is the fastest all round.
  • Duration: 
    • 20 min
  • Distance: 
    • box 10 by 10 meters 
    • goals 3-1 in the middle of the line
  • Execution: 
    • 2 to 3
    • Middle player of 3 starts on the same line as defenders. 
    • The builders are required to play the middle player first. 
    • Then build up to a goal.
    • Game is over when one of the 2 parties has scored or the ball is out of the field. 
    • After that, switch positions 
  • Coach moment: 
    • Center player comes loose and shields the ball well.
    • Play short combinations so that the other player can act immediately.
  • Three forms. 
  • On 1 side 2 players and 1 side 1 player.
  • Three pilons as shown on the picture.
  • Player 1 passes across to player 2.
  • Player 1 moves diagonally to pilon. 
  • Player 2 passes diagonally to player 1.
  • Player 1 spins out/open and passes to player 3 on beginning pilon.
  • Player 2 moves faster to the beginning of the pilon.
  • Player 1 moves to pilon on opposite side.



2:2 will be played on 2 fields. The players in the so called striker squares at the top and bottom serve as goals.

They can score by playing their fellow player in the striker area, he must get the ball under control in this area. After a goal, the other party may start.

After this, the game is played with a first-time ball. The striker gets the ball and has to play it directly back to a fellow player. Only now a point is scored.

The strikers are not allowed to come out of their box, and the other players are not allowed in the striker's box.

After 8 minutes of substitution

Points of attention:

First check if the other player has played the ball correctly, then ask for the ball through a running action.

If you pass cleanly, then the striker can also play back well.

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