Volleyball drills for all skills



  • Coach throws ball to defender
  • Defender passes to playmaker
  • sv gives set up to outside or middle
  • Two teams with 1 ball.
  • Pass to each other and score against the bench.
  • The one with the most points wins.


  • Pairs facing each other with a net in between.
  • Server has 2 balls.
    • 1 at the foot and
    • 1 in the hand.
  • Server kicks the ball to the other side,
  • Then the server tries to serve on the ball.
  • Then it's player two's turn.
  • On both sides of the net an SV
  • Line up 2 rows to attack.
  • On one side of the net, the attack happens short-cut through the middle
  • On the other side, the SV does a backward setup and the right forward attacks.
  • Attacker retrieves ball and joins own line.

VARIANT: attacker retrieves ball and connects to the opposite side and performs middle attack.

Make pairs and per pair one hoop.

  • Play a 2x2 game.
  • The ball is thrown into the field,
  • The ball is put on the ground by person 1 on the spot where the ball has to bounce.
  • The ball bounces in the hoop and person 2 has to pass the ball.
  • Person 1 gives the set-up and finally person 1 finishes the game by passing the ball over the net.
  • After that it is the other side's turn to do the same.

PURPOSE: Walking withthe ball and choosing the right position.

  • 3 people in the backfield,
  • the coach stands at the net
  • and the ball has to be played to the coach.
    • Overhead,
    • underhand,
    • short,
    • deep in the back,
    • hard balls
    • and soft balls.
  • The ball may be played in 2x.


  1. Free serve
  2. Serve at goal:
    • In the three meter,
    • in the middle of the field,
    • serve against the back,
    • against the lines etc.
  • Walk around the cones with 1 cone in the middle.
  • When hitting the pawns dive to the middle.
  • The first one who touches the pawn gets a point.


  • Walk 3x back and forth in a runner's pace to the net
  • Walk 3x back and forth in double-step to the net, waving your arms as you walk
  • Cross walk to the net 3x (waving your arms along)
  • 3x back and forth sideways to the net (arms swinging)


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