Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Determine starting and finishing line
  • Caps are scattered throughout the field.
  • The number of caps is the number of players in the team x 2.
  • Caps are brought to the end line one by one.
  • The team that finishes first wins.
In beach volleyball, learn to set and play compactly.

  • 1 player at the net as attacker.
  • 1 player in defense (line).
  • The other players take turns to give a set on defense.
  • After their set they go back to the back of the line.
The coach pays attention to the following
  • That the defense brings the ball in compactly.
  • That the setters distribute the ball to the attacker with the right footwork, hand technique and height.
  • They also have to bring their set to the right hand of the attacker.

  • Light serve to a receiving player .
  • The receiver must deliver the ball in a compact way (to a hoop) with the right technique and height .
  • Players at the net give the ball back to the server .
  • Change after 10 balls .

  • Make two groups with as many balls as one group.
    • Two groups of five = five balls
  • Each player defends a pylon
  • Distance 3 m line vs. back line, so 6 meters.
  • Balls may only be thrown down towards the pawns
  • Defending
    • Only with the forearms.

  • Making trios

  • The trios start working under the supervision of a trainer.
  • The trainer always plays the ball
  • The threesome must play the ball back to the trainer in 3 moves
  • Reasonably high tempo

  • Trios with one ball
  • Two with ball on one side of the net and the player without ball on the other side

  • Player with the ball walks to the net
  • With a kind of block move they throw the ball two-handed over the net
  • Then they walks under the net
  • Player without the ball defends and catches the ball
  • Goes to the net and repeats the exercise

  • Making trios
  • Using the bouncer
  • Per field 1 trio

  • At the "work field" the ball is brought into the field via the bouncer
  • Play the ball over the net in 3 steps
  • Players walk under the net and take the place of the team there.
  • The team that stands there defends and catches the ball
    • Preferably in the 2nd contact.
  • Hand in the ball and join the team

  • 1 player in the pass
  • 1 player at the net with the ball
  • 1 player with ball on the back line

  • Player serves on passer
  • At that moment the player at the net rolls the ball to the server
  • Ball is passed and caught at the net
  • Repeat 5 times
    • Then turn around

  • 1 person who's 'it' and 3 balls
  • The person who's 'it' tries to tick as many people as possible without the ball.
  • The ball may be thrown over to "protect" players.
  • Players may hold the ball for a maximum of 5 seconds.
  • Working together and getting as few players as possible to tap the ball.
1 game lasts approx. 1 minute and can be played more than once

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