Volleyball drills for all skills


Butterfly with the throw and build it up with set and attack.
Start with the throw when you are warm and then strike, but always in control.
2 teams with trainer.
1 player throws ball to trainerTrainer
throws ball to player 2, who plays back underarms and gets a setup from trainer.
Player 2 plays tip ball in the hoop or on the mat. Focused placement


  • Easier version: no keys, but only tipball.
  • More difficult version: start with passed ball, do not throw.


  • Duos and a tennis ball each
  • 1 player 2 meters from the wall
  • 1 player 3 meters from the wall
  • Both look towards the wall

  • The player at the wall calmly throws the ball up backwards.
  • At that moment the other player throws the ball in an arc against the wall.
  • Both players catch the ball thrown by the other.
  • Field A: 3 players in the Pass w.v. 1 PL.
  • 1 playmaker.
  • 1 reserve passer on 6.
  • Field B: 2-block P2 and P3.
  • 2 servers.
  • Service is going to defend on P5.
  • Pass-set-up attack.

:Service=>P5+>P3=>P2=>reserve pass=>

Storage, defense.
Those not defending may attack and then pass.
Each player on his side.

Passers and defenders change fields after 10 min.

Storage, defense.
Those not defending may attack and then pass.
Each player on his side.

Passers and defenders change fields after 10 min.



  • Making trios.
  • 1st trio lie down on stomach behind 7m line.
  • Trainer with ball pit on other field.

  • Trainer claps on the ball and immediately plays the ball over the net.
  • Players must get up quickly and play the ball back over the net in no more than 3 contacts.
  • Trainer can determine the difficulty.
4 against 4, 2 touch

2 teams of 4 play against each other. Teams may only:
  • Play ball underhand.
  • Play ball overhand.
  • Play push/poke ball.
No smash.
Ball must be over the net in 2x. Both teams must play 100%, dive balls, run, get up and move.

Follow a 4-player team, each on their own half of the court.
  • Pass.
  • Bra push.
  • Pass 1x own, 2nd side.
  • Pass 1x own, 180 turn, backwards: back pass.

Catch ball from 5 and 1 knees up.

Player comes from 5 and has to catch the ball from the trainer, then ball in the ball pit. And connect at the back.
  • From 5.
  • From 1.

Attack on 4 and 2

Player on 5 passes the ball to player on 3 after passing TR, who sets up the ball, player from 5 finishes off the ball. Passer becomes attacker, attacker retrieves own ball and joins setters.
  • From 5.
  • From 1.

Fixed setter

TR. Throws ball to player on 6, who passes to fixed setter. Player coming from 5 finishes the attack. Passer joins attackers, attacker gets own ball, joins passers.

  • From 5.
  • From 1.
  • 2 defenders, one trying to defend the ball, the other catcher.
Constant turnovers.


:Making trios.
On one side, a passer and a catcher with the ball.
On the other side a server.


  • Service and at that moment the catcher throws the ball to the server.
  • Pass and catch.
  • After 5 services change.
Pay attention to the playing position: behind the ball and body slightly forward.


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