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Volleyball drills

Trainer stands with ball box at the net, position 2/3, players stand at position 1, 5 and 6 for defense.

Trainer throws ball to players:

  • If ball at position 1, players of position 1 and 6 exchange after playing back ball
  • If ball at position 6, players remain standing
  • If ball at position 5, players of position 5 and 6 clear after playing back ball

  • As long as the passing remains good at 2/3, the coach continues to pass the ball.
  • Players not participating stand around the field and make sure the ball pit stays filled.
  • Create storage pressure
  • Aim at the mat

  • 1x: losers 10x pumps
  • 2x: losers 20x abdominal exercise
  • 3x: losers 10x block jump
drawing Storage under pressure!
  • Split the group into pairs.
  • The pairs will work through a number of stations, where different tasks have to be performed.
  • Station 1: A slalom through several poles, with an underhand pass at the end of the slalom.
  • Move as fast as possible between the poles.
  • Station 2: One player lies down on the backline, while the other stands at the net with the ball.
  • Player at the net hits the ball.
  • Player in the backfield then stands up, and defends a hit ball at 7 meters, or a prik ball at the 3 meter.
  • Station 3: Player stands in front of a trampoline, behind player 1 stands a second player with 2 tennis balls.
  • One tennis ball is thrown into the trampoline, player 1 catches it before it hits the ground.
  • The second tennisball is thrown quickly after it.
  • Station 4: Simple, good block jumps, paying attention to the technique.
  • Station 5: Reflex training: player stands with arms outstretched, a ball in each hand.
  • Player 2 faces the other player, and reacts to the release of one of the balls.
  • Do not make the distance between players too great to begin with.
  • Each station has a working time of 1 minute.
  • Player A throws/hits ball towards player C 
  • Player C passes the ball towards player B. 
  • Player B sets up the ball. 
  • Player C attacks. 

Goal: 1st series balls straight, 2nd series balls diagonally. 

Walking line: A joins back of line C, B keeps hitting balls, C joins back line A.


  • The trainer randomly plays 1 or 2. 
  • From there, a set up to the other (1 or 2) is given for attacking. 
  • Depending on where the attack happens, 6 players on the other side of the net take the correct positions. 
  • Blocking, defending, and play over the net to me. 
  • High tempo. 
  • If the ball is not defended, throw it to my side of the net so that we can continue. 


  • 3 laps
  • Playing in pairs, peppering
  • Ground touch 1 hand/ 2 hands.

  • Player moves from the pawn at 3 meters to the back, here he/she plays a pass. Player at the net checks, 1x bra, then again next ball for the running player

  • Smash or overhand throw.
  • Diagonal passing of the ball.
  • Sparring in varia
    • 2 or 3 defenders
    • 1 setter
    • 1 attacker.
  • Long distance: as if playing a service pass.
  • Setter plays the ball to the attacker, who plays an attack, smash/push to the defenders, who in turn play the ball to the setter. Change every 4 minutes.
All together Guusje game.

2 tally replay.
- Play in, peppering.
- Touch the ground 1/2 hands
- 1x check for yourself, 2nd ball smash or push ball
- Throw on overhand and make sure there is a good pass.

Possibly diagonally follow must be a 3 and a 4 team.

Divide the group in 2:

Guusje/Neele/Delfin/ Tootsy

- 2 defenders
-1 setter
-1 attacker

After 4 minutes switch positions. Make sure everyone goes full speed. 

Evelin/Senne/EseraiTrainer throws the ball from pos.4 , 

- SV plays the ball back BH. 2 setters alternate (note: good technique, tight ball clear past the net) Eserai catch it high because of technique timing
- SV makes a block on 3 and plays the ball back BH.
- SV plays the ball backwards to the receiver at position 2
- SV makes a block at 3 and plays the ball backwards to the receiver at position 2.

  • Half of the players stand in a line 2 metres apart.
  • Preferably with a wall at their back.
  • The other players pass this line in turn at 4 metres from the thrower.
  • There is no net in between.
  • They are given a ball to return overhead.
  • Then they move sideways to the next starter.
  • Go down the row and come back to the beginning.
  • If there are enough players, a second row can be set up in mirror image.
  • Then the players who return the ball go back along this row and have then walked a circle.
  • (Row players 1 stand with their backs to row players 2, to throwers 1 and 2 stand with their faces to each other).
  • After that you can alternate between the groups and do the same with underhand return.
  • As a variation, use different throwing distances.
  • Important points of attention: throwing the ball neatly, moving sideways, sitting low when playing OH, high ball tempo.
drawing Overhead and underhand passing in high tempo (1) (M. Kool)
  1. Server plays the ball towards position 6
  2. 1 of the 2 passers, passes the ball towards the playmaker(SV)
  3. SV plays the ball to the front left or right
  4. Attacker (A) completes the attack (attack pass to net)
  5. Attack

    server -> passer

    passer -> attack

    attack -> server

drawing pass, setup, attack
  • jump on one leg from the line 
  • as far as possible, keep standing still for a few seconds.
  • all the way to the net and back.
  • Divide the team into two groups and have them form two rows facing each other on the 3 meter line.
  • Have the players play over the net and then run around the net post to join the other group.
  • On 1 side, parallel to the sideline, lay a speedfoot ladder and before joining the line have the players do a drill through the ladder.
  • Possibly expand with block jumps, attack passes or strength exercises.
  • Importantly, do not allow the ball to fall to the ground, communication is important.
  • Possibly add a penalty if the ball falls to the ground.
  • Alternate with underarm and overhand.
drawing Warm up with ball
  • Put 2 benches on 1 side of the court
    • Player sitting on the bench
  • Other side 2 teams
  • First serve straight to the player sitting on the bench
    • If a player can catch the ball, the server has a point.
  • After that serve diagonally
  • Who has reached X number of points first?
    • Trainer decides
drawing Targeted serving with 2 benches