Volleyball drills for


  • 3 tal on one side of the net, the remaining players on the other side at position 1.
  • Players at position 1:
    • Sprint to opposite side along the field.
    • Make a dive at the pawn.
    • Around pawn and short-long-short defense. They get this ball from the players at the net.
The next player starts as soon as the player in front of them has made a dive.

  • 3 blockers ; 1 outside and 2 middle.
  • 1 SV.
  • Rest attacks.
  • TR plays the ball in to the libero.
  • Libero pass --> SV -libero stays standing--> With more players, the guard can come in, 6.
  • Player 3 attacks --> player 1 and 2 are low in attack coverage.
  • Attacker becomes defender and defender becomes attacker.
Outside people set the block and the middle connects, the other outside becomes free net player in defense.

  • Everyone stays in their own position --> TR decides when we switch SV and attackers --> CAUTION the centers keep blocking !!!
  • With more players we can rotate through: 1 or 2 --> attacker --> waiting room, 6, comes in for defense.
  • Attacker becomes waiting room blocker - behind 5.
  • Blocker 3 --> gets the ball --> into ball carrier.
NOTE: maybe an extra man in the waiting room defense, then remove 1 blocker -4 or 5-.


Warm-up exercise:
  • From Start --> Run forward, block.
  • Lateral double blocks --> outside player gets short ball.
  • Sprint to back line and dive.
  • Shuffle --> 3 meters, back to back line with roll.
  • Sprint to net --> BLOCK.
  • Sprint/run to back line.

  • Players divide into groups of 2 or 3.
  • They then proceed to do one of 5 exercises.
  • Each exercise corresponds to a number.
  • When an exercise is done, the trainer is asked if the number in the code is correct.
  • If it is, they may move on to the next number, otherwise they do another exercise.
  • The group that cracked the code first wins.
  • In the field are all hoops in strategic places. In places where in the match the best service can be made.
  • One person of the pair stands in a hoop, the other serves.
  • If the person in the hoop can catch the ball -may not step out of the hoop-, the hoop may be taken away. This counts as a point.
  • After each service there is an exchange.
  • Trainer stands on a cabinet section at position 2 or 4.
  • Trainer throws up a ball and hits/pins a ball into the court where there is a team lineup.
  • Goal is to defend these balls and take over the rally.
  • We play sets to the 15, where scoring directly from the defense scores 2 points and scoring the ball in the rally -through an opponent's mistake or otherwise- scores 1 point.
  • On the opposite side is a trio. These three players defend and attack from behind 3 meters.


2 teams -2 touch

2 teams play against each other. Teams may only:
  • Play ball underhand.
  • Play ball overhand.
  • Play push/puncture ball.
  • Do not smash!
Initial goal: keep the ball in play.
Variation goal: competition, make it as difficult as possible for each other. Run on everything, react, dive.

2-team OH overplaying. Control, high balls, get ready low.
From movement:
  • After OH move left and right. First to left, then back to right.
  • After OH to the back, and catch up again. Change after 10 balls.
OH with trainer from position 2
Trainer throws the balls to:
  • From a row:
    • Move from side field.
    • Move from center field.
    • Move from the backfield.
    • Movement from 3 meter area.
  • From a row:
    • Pass the throw from the trainer and catch it yourself at position 3.
  • 3 in a row:
    • Fixed catcher on 3. Each time 3 moves up and adds a player on the outside.
  • Make 4-pairs with 1 player with ball on the other side.
  • 1 player in the pass, 1 as playmaker and 1 catcher with ball.
  • Throw the ball over the net.
  • Pass to playmaker who gives a setup to the receiver.
  • At the moment of passing, the passer bounces the ball to the passer.


All exercises start together walking to net and simultaneous blocks in middle.

  1. Blocks middle, side to corner and block there too.
  2. Blocks middle, defense facing net to 4 meters, attack on corner, defend facing net to 4 meters etc.
  3. Blocks middle, 5x dive on 3 meter line, 5x block on corner, dive 3 meter line.
  4. Same as 3 but after dive on 3 meter still defending on attack T.
All exercises 5x and change sides each time after each exercise.


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