Volleyball übung: chase the ball (long/short) / turn 8

Geeignet für folgende Techniken: passing, warming-up, condition

chase the ball (long/short) / turn 8

  • Short/long.
  • Trainer throws ball to position A1
  • Player 1 passes the short ball and runs to the middle
  • Trainer passes ball to position B1
  • Player 2 tries to pass ball back from A2, and stands ready for the ball on A1.
  • Then trainer switches to the other side
  • Trainer throws ball on to A2
  • Player 2 passes the short ball and walks to the middle.
  • Trainer throws the ball on to B2
  • Player 1 tries to pass ball on B2, and stands ready for ball on A2.

  • Other players?
    • 3 fetch balls
    • 3 encourage
    • After 10 balls change group.
    • 2 trainers available?
      • 1 trainer makes sure the player in the middle does not cheat by starting too fast (and keeps him/her in the middle)


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