basketball drill:
"Forward 3 options quarter field, back door"

Suitable for the following techniques: attack

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Forward 3 options quarter field, back door

forward-3-options-quarter-field-back-door forward-3-options-quarter-field-back-door 


Players must be able to perform a layout from a bounce pass


Learn how to create forward scoring opportunities for yourself


4 players / quarter field, other players wait in center circle. Move over: offence becomes defence, defence goes out + new offence

The helpline is out: you can play with two groups of four on a basket and force the players not to use the space where the help is in the game.

(first perform the exercise several times without defense)

  • guard dribbles up from the center circle
  • at the same time, 2 makes a V-cut
  • if 2 gets free, pass and 1 v 1
  • if defender overshoots 4, then continue the V-cut to at least a meter
  • above the three-point line and sprint backwards for the backdoor pass 
  • and play 1 v 1
  • All score out of:
    • backdoor
    • 1 v 1 from the wing

Mtm offense

  • If you don't manage to pass to 2, 2 will sprint to the centre circle and get the pass of 1. 
  • The cycle then starts again from the front, but now with 1 at the forward position.

Teaching Points:

  • if you can see your defender's shoulder in the pass line at the V-cut, then there is overplay.
  • and you have to take the defender up to at least a metre above the three-point line towards the sideline
  • sprint at full speed as you go backdoor
  • the backdoor pass is mostly one-handed, from the dribble with a flat bounce