Basketball drills for attack / offense

  • Players gather at the baseline in 2 groups, 1 player stands under the ring with ball, 2 players stand on the opposite side ready to defend. Man with ball dribbles over, players left and right run along the sideline in attack.
  • Defense is free to choose on whom to defend, active D, no taking position in or around the bucket.
  • Player who finishes or loses the ball attacks back together with the 2 defenders.
  • On the other side of the court, 2 new defenders are already ready.
  • The players line up in two groups on the sideline near the halfway line.
  • The first 2 players of the red group line up on one side of the field and have the ball.
  • One player of the blue team lines up on the other side.
  • As soon as the attacking team crosses the centre line, the 2nd player of the blue team runs around the cone in the centre circle and starts defending.
  • Attacking players try to score before the 2nd player gets there.
  • Player on top attacks the basket.
  • Passes along the baseline.
  • Ball to corner makes quick extra pass to wing who takes the 3 point shot.
  • The player at the corner runs to the basket immediately after the pass.
  • Where that gets the ball from the player on the wing on the opposite side works off under the hoop.
  • White triangle takes rebound from the 3 point shot.
  • Blue player takes own rebound. (Passing clockwise.)
  • Start at the centre line with 3 x 2.
  • Attackers may only pass and lay-up from a pass.
  • Variations:
    • Bounce pass only.
  • If attackers don't score, or pass poorly --> push up.
  • Let defenders stand a few times, work together.
  • Divide players into groups of 5.
  • Normally we have 2 or 3 baskets available.
  • For example, every 7 minutes turn over, first center explanation. (most guidance on the dribbling skills needed)
  • Station 1. (Basket 1)
    • 3x2 play from the center line without dribbling (only passing, free running, pivoting)
  • Station 2. (basket 2)
    • 1x1 play (substitution, attacker becomes defender, occasionally change the order to get different match-ups, 1-shot attempt or under time pressure to keep up the momentum)
  • Station 3. (Basket 3 - if available)
    • Shooting exercise: 5 positions on edge of bucket (low, elbow, free throw line, elbow low).
    • 1 player shoots, others catch and pass the ball (1 shot per position, highest score of the group)
  • Station 4 dribbling skills. (1-2 pawns)
    • Over the pylon (do not take it with you, keep control, from left to right, 1 hand behind your back)
    • Lift the pylon with the left, dribble with the right (throw the pylon, catch it with the other hand)
    • Left/right and touch pylon (timer, counting) - hand that releases the ball must touch pylon (low position, defend the ball)
    • 2 pawns, dribble left, touch right
    • 2 cones (8 dribble with 1 hand)
  • Station 5 dribbling skills. (row of pawns)
    • Slalom around the pawns, low dribble, back and forth (tempo)
    • Variant: low dribble, feet on both sides of the pawns, cross after every pylon.
    • Low dribble, always touching the according pawns.
    • Stay in control, stay on the same side. (dribble left, touch pylon with right)
  • 5 against 5 half field. (Depending on turnout, at 20 and 3 baskets possibly)
  • Especially explanation to U12-2.
  • Sometimes stop, whistle, explain:
    • Run.
    • Second dribble.
    • Free running.
    • Playing together.
    • Pivoting.
  • Defending (own man, not running to the ball, running back, taking the ball after scoring).
  • In this drill, players learn the basics of the cross and open step.
  • Starting lineup:
    • Under both baskets 1 player with a ball.
    • Rest of the players in the centre circle.
    • A little behind the free throw line on both sides.
  • Explanation cross-step
  • Exercise
    • Player in the centre circle runs to the free throw line.
    • Player under the basket passes to the next player.
    • Player at free throw line makes a cross step dribble plus lay-up.
    • Player under the basket moves to center.
    • Player who made lay-up goes under the board with ball.
    • Change left/right.
  • Explanation open step
  • Exercise
    • Player in centre circle runs to free throw line.
    • Player under the basket passes to the next player.
    • Player on free throw line makes an open step dribble plus lay-up.
    • Player under the basket moves to center.
    • Player who made lay-up goes under the board with ball.
    • Change left/right.
  • If still time:
    • Jab-step + cross step or open step.
  • Explanation
  • 3 players on the baseline. (attackers)
  • 2 players on the halfway line. (defenders)
  • Man with ball -> no defender, dribble on.
  • Otherwise pass to free man.
  • Other players keep field wide.
  • 3 against 2 to the other side.

  • When?
  • When there is high pressure on the ball carrier + full denial from the defender on the forward.
  • 3T0
  • Option 1: backdoor from blue
  • Option 2: Fill the spot - drive or shooting from red
  • Option 3: Drive after backdoor pass from white
  • Option 4 drive and pass to blue for shot
  • Then in 3T3 and apply.