basketball drill:
"Jump shot, basic technique"

Suitable for the following techniques: shooting

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Jump shot, basic technique

  • Requirements
    • Be able to dribble and stop in 1 time when receiving a pass
  • Aim
    • 1 time stop (jump stop), jump shot with attention to technique of the shot and finish against the board
  • Organisation
    • 1 passer in position 2, 
    • players dribble zigzag up to midline and then dribble to 1 position 
    • pass to 2
    • cutting inside until next to the ring, 
    • Receive the pass of 2
    • jump stop and finish with jumpshot.
      • Changing = finisher becomes passer, passer takes rebound and connects to baseline. Next player departs when predecessor has finished.
  • Teachingpoints
    • correct stop in 1 time, 
    • finish via shot from shooting-pocket to the board
basketball Jump shot, basic technique