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Basketball drills for technique shooting

  • Depends on the number of balls. 
  • In pairs or alone
  • When alone:
    • Start at your position, dribble across the basket. 
    • Set or Jumpshot from your position (Guard, forward, center). 
    • Up to 8 points.
  • In pairs: 
    • Start at your position, pass to the opposite side of the basket. 
    • Last pass should be good so that shooter in jumpshot is ready for his/her shot. 
    • Up to 4 points per player. 
    • Losers: Slides over the width of the pitch, 1x back and forth.
  • You make 2 teams divided over 2 baskets.
  • Dribble around the post and pick a side.
  • Run a lay-up.
  • The first to reach the proposed number of scores wins.
  • The losing team must run to the back line and back. (start on the back line and run to the back line)
drawing 2-basket shooting race
  • 3 against 2 with passing every time. 
  • Help each other in defense when someone is free. 
  • The attackers learn to use a man advantage and to finish. 
  • Speed, precision, good passing and team play are necessary here.
drawing 3 v 2
  • B passes the ball to C
    • B runs to cone receives ball
    • B scores lay up
    • B joins row C
  • C passes the ball back to line B
    • C goes to take the rebound from B
    • C goes to line A
  • A passes the ball to B
    • A connects in row B
drawing Warming up, 3 rows
  • Two three or four-team teams. (teams)
  • Per team 2 balls.
  • 1 shooter, 2 (or 3) rebounder(s).
  • Shooter shoots (from free throw line, or lower position), then sprints to center line.
  • Rebounder catches ball, passes ball to shooter. (proper jump stop, proper distance, call for ball)
  • Shooter total 10 scores, then new shooter.
  • Team whose first to have all shooters score 5 times wins! 
  • Loser runs a suicide.


  • Per 2 or 3 persons one basket

Execution (with 1 hand! other hand on the back)

  • Explanation shot, shoot from legs, wrist turn, 1 hand, backspin ball.
  • 1 meter from the basket, 1 shooter, 1-2 rebounder.
  • Shoot 3 times, then switch.
  • Then 2 meters.
  • Then side. (through the board)
  • Then side a little further away.
  • Red dot dribbles in while blue dot runs in to defend.
  • Red dot passes the ball to the white dot in the corner who immediately takes a shot.
  • Blue dot runs to the low post after the close out and gets the ball passed from red cone.
  • Red cone takes the rebound and goes to the top blue dot takes own rebound and goes to the corner where red cone was standing.
drawing  overhead pass to corner - 3point corner -post play
Make sure all players have a ball
  • The player starts at the post next to the bucket.
  • Player dribbles to the basket
  • Variations:
    • The player stops on two feet = jumpshot
    • The player starts the two-count rhythm = lay-up
      • From the right side: first right foot, drop with left foot.
      • From the left side: first with left foot, then with right foot.
  • The player picks up his own rebound and dribbles around the pole.
  • The player zigzags through the posts.
  • The player then rejoins the line near the basket.
When there is a large group, this exercise can be done on both sides of the field.
  • Who is the first group to reach 20 scores, wins.
drawing Lay-up with zigzag poles (game form)
  • First has no ball
  • Rest in the back with the ball
  • 1 person without ball under goal.
  • Layup
  • 1 step UP
  • In bucket shooting
  • 1 dribble shooting
  • Shooting
  • Quick shooting
drawing Shooting - 2 sides
  • Group on top with ball
    • Other 2 groups on forward
    • Top passes
    • Forwards shot
  • Variations
    • Ball on top drived to goal Forward follows to the baseline
    • Pass and shot.
drawing Shooting drill - 3
  • Player a does V-cut and gets ball from player b and stops in jump-stop.
  • He pivots (front left) with his left leg to the basket and gets into triple treath position.
  • After a fake shot, he leaves right-handed dribble, left leg big step past the cone to the basket for a lay-up.
  • Player c takes the rebound and goes to the other side for a shot at 45 degrees, after which he connects with the passers.
drawing Crossover + shot after dribble
  • Score 10 free throws.
  • When you score your first free throw, you may take your second.
  • When you miss your first shot, you sprint back and forth twice.