Basketball drills for shooting

Make sure all players have a ball
  • The player starts at the post next to the bucket.
  • Player dribbles to the basket
  • Variations:
    • The player stops on two feet = jumpshot
    • The player starts the two-count rhythm = lay-up
      • From the right side: first right foot, drop with left foot.
      • From the left side: first with left foot, then with right foot.
  • The player picks up his own rebound and dribbles around the pole.
  • The player zigzags through the posts.
  • The player then rejoins the line near the basket.
When there is a large group, this exercise can be done on both sides of the field.
  • Who is the first group to reach 20 scores, wins.
Each player has nrs from 1-5
  • Run a break (lines) for the other side.
  • Nr goes for shot.
  • If you miss, the rest of the players have to rebound and score.
  • Quickly take over and go to the other side where nr 2 takes a shot.
  • If wrong rebound and finish.
Etc etc for 3,4 and 5. May be with a pass in between.
1 shooter and 1 or 2 rebounders.
  • Start from 3 point line with shot.
  • Then slides to the sideline and offers on elbow.
  • Take shot there and move back to the center line.
  • From there back to 3-point line etc.
Points 2 and 3 count until 21 is reached or passed.
2 shooters start in the corners of the field.
5 positions around.
2 rows on the baseline, 2 balls (first see if it runs with 2 balls)
  • Front player no ball.
    • Comes up to elbow on the other side bucket.
  • Gets ball.
    • Takes shot (own rebound, ball to row on side where he takes shot.
  • Player who passes runs around the player to other side bucket.
    • Gets ball.
  • 2 rows and 1 outlet standing slightly lower (on side of row with ball)
  • Player without ball makes in/out v-cut and comes up to free throw line (asking for the ball)
  • Player in 2nd row passes and goes to rebound passes to outlet on the other side and connects
  • Player who shot the ball becomes outlet at the other end
When the ball bounces far from the hoop (2 options, no matter which player joins the row with the ball)

Row on the halfway line without the ball
Line up on baseline (corner of sideline) with ball
  • Player cuts in at pace.
  • Gets ball (bounce pass, not dribble. If you get pass too early you make a dribble).
  • Number of players = number of scores
  • Different spots
    • lay - up
    • corner
    • 45°
    • elbow
    • free throw
    • 3p
  • Both left and right.
    • timing, next time try to go faster than last time
  • Players walk behind a cone.
  • 1 rebounder and 3-5 balls.
  • Players gather at the baseline in 2 groups, 1 player stands under the ring with ball, 2 players stand on the opposite side ready to defend. Player with ball dribbles over, players left and right run along the sideline in attack.
  • Defense is free to choose whom to defend, active D, no taking position in or around the bucket.
  • Player who finishes or loses the ball attacks together with the 2 defenders.
  • On the other side of the court, 2 new defenders are ready to play.
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