Basketball drills for

  • Setup:
    • 3 groups
    • Bottom left, bottom right and top
    • 1 ball per group
  • Shooting, own rebound
  • Passing clockwise
  • Variations:
    • Advancing to wings and three-point shot
  • 3 groups; wing left, wing right, top
  • 1 ball per group
  • Shooting, own rebound
  • Advance clockwise
3 rows near the basket. Everyone has a ball.
  • Row 1 shoots.
  • Row 2 shoots next.
  • Row 3 shoots last.
  • Counting out loud as a group.
  • Counting out loud as individuals.
  • Last 3 players e.g. run laps.
  • 3 groups: wing left, wing right, top.
  • 1 ball per group.
  • Shooting.
  • Advancing clockwise.
  • 2 rows on the baseline/ bucket
  • 1 ball per row.
  • Shoot and when the ball reaches the other row they may throw the ball away.
  • Losers push up/ run.
  • Per 2 players
  • Own rebound
  • 5 positions around the bucket
  • After 5 scores advance to the next position
  • Shift clockwise
  • Each duo starts on a different position
  • 5 x 2 free throws.
  • 2 groups side by side.
  • Each takes turns shooting.
  • Count how many in.
  • 2 misses = length of run.
  • 1 miss = half length run.
  • 2 groups
  • At the level of the free throw line

  • First a v-cut, then get ball
  • Pivoting and shooting
  • Own rebound
  • Connecting on the other side
  • With pivot on right foot
  • Passing with right or left hand, depending on side
  • 20 scores

  • Pivot and dribble to goal, lay-up
  • Straight to goal driven
  • Pivot and dribble to goal, jump stop
  • 2 sides of the field.
  • Put down 3 pylons; 3-point, 2-point, 1-point.
  • 2 rows, can also do 2 per side if there are too many players.
  • 1 player shoots 3x in a row, 1x from each position, and we count out loud.
  • Whoever gets to 31 first.
This exercise sounds simple but it certainly is not:
  • The idea is for the player with the ball to get past a 100% giving defender in 3 dribbles.
  • The scoring player stays put, misses then goes out and the defender may attack against a new person.
  • The goal is for the player to give everything during this exercise.
  • Here the attacker is forced to be explosive and use his whole body.
  • Player A shoots from 10 different positions, with Player B rebounding and passing tight passes to Player A.
  • 10x shots are made from each position.
  • Both players take their turn.
  • You have about 20 minutes to have both shot, if this is not the case there is a suicide.
  • The goal of this exercise is to focus purely on your form.
At the end of the exercise you are asked which of the two has scored the most.
The losing player runs a suicide, should the score be forgotten, both players run a suicide.
  • B passes the ball to C
    • B runs to cone receives ball
    • B scores lay up
    • B joins row C
  • C passes the ball back to line B
    • C goes to take the rebound from B
    • C goes to line A
  • A passes the ball to B
    • A connects in row B