Handball drill: 2de round of warming up

Suitable for the following techniques: warming-up

2de round of warming up

  • make pairs opposite to each other in the middle of a half
  • make contact 3x3sec (hands against the shoulder, defensive exercise) / then sprint away to the sideline / expanding to 4x shortly after each other seeking contact
  • Jump 3x and give each other high five and then sprint away to the sideline. 
  • Repeat this exercise a few times.
  • All behind the back line 
    • sprint 60% to half of 1 half 
    • then 100% sprint to the midline
    • repeat this a few times
    • with different starting phases e.g. jumping on both feet
    • starting in planking position and sprinting away, facing the wall,...

Characteristics of the drill

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