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Handball drill: warming up game: stone paper scissors relay race

Suitable for the following techniques: warming-up

Warming up game: stone paper scissors relay race

  • Divide the group into two teams.
  • The teams stand side by side with about five meters between the players.
  • The players of each team stand behind each other, thus forming a line.
  • The course of the game is a square.
  • Team 1 starts in the far left corner of the square and team 2 starts at the same height in the far right corner of the square.
  • Thus, the two teams stand horizontally on the same line.
  • At the beginning of the game, the first two players from each team will compete against each other.
  • At the coach's whistle, these 2 players begin to run and follow the lines of the square.
  • They will run until they meet on their way.
  • At that point they will have to fight for passage!
  • This is how you do it:
    • You play leaf-stone-scissors.
    • Both players hold hands behind their backs and count down together: " 1 , 2 , 3 " and after 3 they each show a symbol:
      • leaf: the hand outstretched
      • stone: the hand clenched into a fist
      • scissors: index finger and middle finger extended
    • The leaf overcomes the stone, the stone overcomes the scissors and the scissors win on the leaf.
  • Of course, when the same symbol is shown, you have to start counting again.
  • The player who wins the leaf-stone-scissors game may continue walking along the lines of the square.
  • The loser walks back.
  • The goal is to get to the other team as quickly as possible!
  • But: when someone loses, the next player from that losing team starts walking until he meets his opponent again.
  • Then the leaf-stone-scissors game begins again.
  • Thus, the winning player is always stopped until he/she reaches his/her team.

Characteristics of the drill

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