Korfball drill: shooting with emphasis and focus on scoring

Suitable for the following techniques: shoot

Shooting with emphasis and focus on scoring

There is a shooter in the front court and a rebounder under the post.

  1. The shooter takes the following chances in a fixed order:
    1. Chance 1: Penalty throw (1 point)
    2. Chance 2: Distance shot (2 points)
    3. Chance 3: walkthrough ball (1 point)
    4. Chance 4: short chance behind the basket (1 point)
  2. To cash in on the points, a free throw must then be taken.
  3. If it is hit, the shooter gets the accumulated points. If the free throw is missed, the shooter gets no points.
  4. After a series (the four chances and the free ball), the position is changed.

The player will be focused on scoring the free throw, otherwise he will not get any points. In this way we challenge the player to stay focused on scoring.

Too difficult:
Possibly have 2 chances taken to score 1 free throw.

Goal is to make 20 points (can be adjusted if needed).

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Not applicable
Suitable for the following levels:



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