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Korfball drills for technique shoot / score / shot

Goal: as a player to free your fellow players after a long line.
  • The pole is the central point.
  • The playing field is divided into 4 squares.
  • If the player can pass to someone diagonally, do so after long runs.
  • Scoring from pass wide = 1p
  • Scoring from diagonal = 2p
  • Hitting basket from diagonal = 1p
  • Passer without a defender
  • Attacker without defender
  • Both with defender; 2 against 2
drawing Passing after long running
Pairs at a basket,
2 pawns at 4 meters in front of the basket with 3/4 meters between them.

  • Player 1 starts to the left of the basket and jumps back and forth OVER the pawn.
  • Runs to the other pawn and does the same thing there.
  • Make dodge ball in front of the shot
  • Or make a through ball
  • Or cut around the basket for small chance
After each shot, the person performs the exercise at the pawns again.

Jumping over the pawns can also be replaced with x number of squats, lunges, burpees etc.

drawing Fitness shooting with strength exercises parabola
  • Pairs at a basket
  • 2 pawns in front of basket at 4 meters with 3 meters between them.

  • Player 1 starts: 30 seconds tapping pawn with hand, left and right.
  • After the 30 seconds calmly take 3 shots.
  • Repeat this 3 times.
  • Player must remember how many shots he has scored out of 9 goal attempts.
  • After this, player 2 does exactly the same thing.
drawing Condition shooting parabola
Per 3- or 4-team at a basket.
Step 1:
  • Player Red defends Player Blue.
  • Player Blue has the ball and then throws it to Player White and runs deep and shoots.
Step 2:
  • Follow Step 1 and after Player Blue runs deep, Player White rushes in for a giveaway.
  • Player Blue goes for a pass through Blue.
  • Player Red continues to defend, but allows the through ball.
> Take the goal attempts as calmly as possible
> If by 4 put down a rebound.
drawing Running deep lines
  • The ball enters the box in a 4-0 formation.
  • The player on the other side -for- cuts in for support.
  • At the moment the ball is played to the diagonal player makes a breakthrough or lateral move, gets the ball played to him and gets to the shot.
  • If no goal is scored, the support can shift attention to the other back, where breakthroughs or clearances can be made for the shot.
Note: The player on the side of the ball can also run in instead of the player in front. The action then comes from the other side of the box.

  • Score 5 through balls over left and over right
  • Score 5 clearance balls from the left and right.
drawing Action from rear
  • 1 player stands under the basket.
  • The shooter stands approximately 3/4 meters in front of the basket.
  • The shooter moves to the right and receives the ball on the outside hand.
  • Quickly stands properly for the shot and shoots from balance, this must be done quickly.
  • In the beginning this exercise still on two legs, possibly to 1 leg.
  • After the ball is caught, the player moves to the left and everything repeats itself.
  • Maximum of 5 shots per person and then switch.
drawing Warm up ball control and shooting
  • 2 players per post.
  • 1 player is going to shoot, short around the basket.
  • 1 player is going to run.
  • You place about 5 hats at certain distances in front of the basket.
  • The player running must place them near the basket as fast as possible.
  • The shooter must score as many as possible before the runner finishes.
  • Then you switch positions and see who wins.
drawing Combination work
  • One pole per 2 players.
  • Per pole a player in support and a worker standing 7 meters in front of the pole.
  • The player in front of the post gets a -force- exercise, immediately after that he takes a run-through.
  • If he scores, then calmly walk back to the center.
  • If he misses it is a sprint to the center.
  • X number of exercises and change.
drawing Walk-through ball boot camp
  • 3- /4-pairs at a basket.
  • Play the ball in to the basket and move to the left, get the ball back and shoot.
  • Then move back to the right and take a through ball after hand change.
  • Which basket scores 10x first?
  • Then the same task change directions.
drawing shot from movement after passing in, then through ball
  • Make pairs per basket.
  • Double the ball.
  • Player 1 reaches shot, player 2 rebounds.
  • Double again and player 2 comes to shot
Point of attention:
  • Active short turn on your shot.
  • Rebounds without the ball bouncing.
Game element
  • 2 minutes; count e.g. number of goals, your highest series, etc.
drawing Double with short odds
  • Make pairs for each basket.
  • Go through the exercise as drawn out.
  • Switch after 3 goals.
  • When both players have been, switch on, but come to shot on the other leg.
drawing Short chance out of motion
  • Divide the group into pairs. Each pair has a ball and a basket with four hats.
  • Plot the field as shown in the drawing.
  • Player 1 starts at the hat in front of the basket, player 2 is the give-up.
  • Player 1 starts with a broadside and then tightly sets up for the through ball.
  • After the through ball, player 1 keeps moving close to the basket for a short chance.
  • Finally, player 1 makes a deep line for the shot.
  • After this, player 1 alternates with player 2.
To make it competitive, you can tie points to the different goals.
drawing Warm-up with ball