korfball drill:

Suitable for the following techniques: warming-up

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Exercises are performed 1x

5 pilons in 2- 4 meter rows.

  • Jogging (2x)
  • Heels/Butt 
  • Knee Lifting
  • Hopping pass with double arm swing
  • Cross pass (faces to each other)
  • Cross pass (backs to each other)
  • Connecting pass (faces to each other)
  • Connecting pass (backs to each other)
  • Twist hips outward (At each pilon)
  • Twist hips inward (At each pilon)
  • Knee movement (alternating left and right)
  • Kick movement (left and right at each pilon)
  • Walk with alternating cross-directions (do not sprint)
  • Forward connection pass (move diagonally) 
  • Rear connection pass (move diagonally)
  • 2 pilons forward 1 pilon backward 
  • 75%-80% sprint to pilon 2
  • 75%-80% print up to pilon 3
  • Knee lunges moving forward (from pilon 1 to 4)
  • Knee lunges with jump on the spot (3x per side and then sprint to pilon 4) (2x)

After these exercises the shooting will continue.