Volleyball drill: balloons exercise

Suitable for the following techniques: passing

Balloons exercise

Because the balloons move more slowly and feel softer, they are ideal for practice.

First 1 child with 1 balloon:

  • Keep the balloon in the air.
  • Punch up as low as possible.
  • Hit as hard as possible.
  • Hit over the net, child underneath, and continue on the other side.
  • etc etc.

Then 2 teams with 1 balloon:

  • Basically the same tasks as with 1 child, but now they have to take turns hitting the balloon.
  • So the children have to work together and see how they can make it easier for each other.

1 balloon each:

  • Now you can also practice the service and pass.
  • The balloon is not as hard as a ball and the children have time to stand up properly before the balloon comes down again.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Not applicable
Suitable for the following levels:
6 year
7 year