Volleyball drills for passing / defense / reception

  • Light serve to a receiving player .
  • The receiver must deliver the ball in a compact way (to a hoop) with the right technique and height .
  • Players at the net give the ball back to the server .
  • Change after 10 balls .

  • TR brings in the ball at pace
  • Players defend / pass this ball to 2/3 (catcher)
  • Catcher catches the ball
    • In ball pit near trainer
    • Around the pawns and sprint to the other side
  • Etcetera

  • Make 3 duos.
  • 1 libero and 2 sv's

  • 1 duo on field B will serve 2x
  • 1 duo on field B will block
  • 1 duo passes on field A together with the libero
  • On field A the sv's take turns to set up on P2
  • Service-Pass-Setup-Attack on field 4, A or B
  • On field B defend and catch the attack
  • Coach stands in the middle, right at the net.
  • Three players are standing in the field.
  • Trainer throws/plays the ball to the players.
  • It does not matter how they do it, but the ball must get to the trainer.
  • Trainer may not take more than one step to get the ball.
  • The ball can also be played to the trainer in two or three times.
  • When there are 7 or more players the same thing can be done at the other side, but then instead of a trainer there is a player at the net.
  • It is important to make sure that the ball is passed to the trainer.
  • If there are extra players, someone can stand in the queue.
  • If the ball falls to the ground, the substitute will take that spot. (In the case of a large difference in level of play the substitution can be made as well).
  • Red players start from the middle (fists against each other).
  • Walk/shuffle towards the sideline and pass the ball back to blue.
  • Then return to starting position (match element who is first to be ready again).
  • Fists together again and then the same round.
  • 4/5 rounds then
    • Blue -> red.
    • Red -> blue.

  • Half of the players stand in a line 2 metres apart.
  • Preferably with a wall at their back.
  • The other players pass this line in turn at 4 metres from the thrower.
  • There is no net in between.
  • They are given a ball to return overhead.
  • Then they move sideways to the next starter.
  • Go down the row and come back to the beginning.
  • If there are enough players, a second row can be set up in mirror image.
  • Then the players who return the ball go back along this row and have then walked a circle.
  • (Row players 1 stand with their backs to row players 2, to throwers 1 and 2 stand with their faces to each other).
  • After that you can alternate between the groups and do the same with underhand return.
  • As a variation, use different throwing distances.
  • Important points of attention: throwing the ball neatly, moving sideways, sitting low when playing OH, high ball tempo.
  • Player A serves to player B, who receives for himself and catches.
  • Player C passes to player D, D gives a pass so C can attack.
  • Player E does defense on the attack of player C and plays the ball to player F on the mat.
  • Organisation:
    • Serve from p1 on 2 or 3 players. (p1, p6)
    • Sv on p2/3.
    • Attacker on P4B opposite block P2A.
    • Libero on P5A and defender on P6B.
  • Execution:
    • Process service pass into attack on 4.
    • If score, serve again. (max 2x)
    • If defended, pass to OH and attack again.
  • Running:
    • Passer becomes attacker, attacker becomes block, then defender, then server.
    • Server goes to backup passer.
  • Objective:
    • To prevent miscommunication in the field by keeping appointments.
  • Part:
    • Pass setup with 4 passers.
    • Left hand rule everything that comes right in front and left of you is yours.
    • In addition, the outside passers have the short balls that fall in the middle of the field.
    • Trainer stands at the other side of the net and starts throwing balls at conflicting places.
    • If this goes well, the trainer will hit the balls.
    • On the place of the defender there is a catcher who will be relieved after 3 minutes.
  • Part 2:
    • There is a five-man line-up.
    • So a playmaker, a center, a slide and 2 passers/runners.
    • The playmaker comes from the right back.
    • On the other side are 3 blockers and 1 defender.
    • The coach serves to the fivesome.
    • The playmaker of the fivesome is only allowed to pass to the attackers who are calling for the ball.(Goal: everyone asks for the ball)
    • The rally is played out.
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