Volleyball drills for passing / defense / reception


  • Making Trios.
  • Trio1 in the pass (1-6-5)
  • Trio2 Sv P2, Attack P4 and Block P2 (field B)
  • Trio 3 in defense and service on field B

  • Tr starts with service from field B
  • Pass, setup and attack
  • Later:
    • Have players serve
  • Run:
    • Trio 1 becomes trio 2, etc.
  • Divide the group in two
  • Overplay (first BH then OH)
  • Put a hoop in the middle
  • Two players face each other.
  • One player plays straight ahead, the other plays diagonally.
  • There is an imaginary square.
  • Distance between players is at least 4 meters, but may be greater.
  • Start with overhand play.
  • As soon as the ball is hit by the other player, you may move to the other corner of the imaginary square.
  • It is important to move only after your opponent has hit the ball and not after you have played the ball.

  • Extension 1:
    • Playing underarms.
  • Extension 2:
    • After playing, step into the center hoop and then to your other position.


  • Divide the group into two
  • SV on 1 side
  • Serve from the other side
  • Pass --> SV
  • Attack on 52 (extension on C)
  • Each attacker attacks 2x
  • Passer --> attacker
  • Attacker --> serve
  • Waiting room --> passing
  • Waiter --> waiting room

  • On both sides are 4 players (2 in the field and 2 in the waiting room)
  • Ball is served, on the side where the ball falls to the ground swap with the players from the waiting room.
  • The winning team may serve again.
  • Both sides a number of players and SV
  • Player puts the ball on
    • SV plays it back (to libero or attacker)
  • Then the ball is attacked at 52
  • The libero stays standing on the other side the defender (ball from the SV back) attacks this ball himself.

  • On 52 and in the middle
Intensive form:
  • 4-team handles ball from trainer, and plays out the rally.
  • Other players make sure balls are out of the way.
  • Trainer gives alternate balls, smash/push/free ball.

  • Fixed setter.
  • Change to 5 minutes.

  • Rally is played out in its entirety 4 v 4/3
  • Points of interest:
    • Going full for every ball.
    • Good first pass
    • Move with the game without the ball
Practice service-pass:
  • Base lineup with setter fixed.
  • 6 players handle the service.
  • Service either from the trainer or 7th player.
  • Trainer can then choose to put extra ball in play to start an extra rally.
  • Start with setter on 1.
  • 6 rotations.


  • 3 laps of warm up

  • Play in 2 teams
  • 2x OH followed by 2x BH
  • 3 or 4 teams, pass the ball

  • Then run after the ball with the whole group on the diagonal field.
  • Play from 2 to 5, but run around the pawn on 1 and 4.

  • Sparring in varia:
    • Team of 4 or 3 plays from a fixed spot
    • 2 defenders
    • 1 setter
    • 1 attacker
  • Setter plays the ball BH to the attacker,
  • The attacker starts to push the defenders,
  • These play the ball to the setter.
  • Push ball can become smash.
  • Each 4 minutes on position.

  • 2 groups will practice passing and running.
  • Trainer throws ball to:
    • 3 process the ball to setter on 2,5 (setter runs every time from 3 to 2,5) and plays a rally.
    • Points of attention
      • Setter goes on defense after the set-up.
      • All players move with them. '
      • Attack on 3 or 4
    • Variation that the trainer indicates which attack is played.
      • This means who completes the smash and in what direction.
    • Fixed setter in this exercise.
    • The other four collect the balls.
    • Variation on this:
      • 2 take care of the block
      • Other 4 defend and play counterattack if possible.

  • 2 passers on field A on p5 and p6
  • Playmaker at the net
  • Attacker on p3
  • Serve on field B
  • Blocker on field B at p3
  • Defender on field B at 5

  • Service on passers.
  • Server defends on p1
  • Pass set up attack on 3 (1st or 2nd pace)

After 5 attacks on p3 change.


  • Pairs with 1 ball
  • Player with ball at the net
  • Player without ball in the backfield

  • Player without ball stands ready
  • Player with ball throws the ball and the player catches the ball
  • With arms stretched out straight in front of the body at navel height
  • After 10 times change
  • 2 series


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