Volleyball drill: coordination ladder

Suitable for the following techniques: warming-up

Coordination ladder

Put the coordination ladder in the middle of the field.

Build up slowly, and players have to go as fast after each other as possible
through the ladder. But safe. If you see they follow each other too quickly, call the players yourself one by one.

Exercise 1
player 1 place both feet in one box but not at the same time, but 1 by 1.
So for example first left and right in box 1, and then left and right in box 2. And as fast as possible.

Exercise 2
Zigzag side-step
player 1 is standing next to the first box.
1 player puts right foot in the box and then left, then right foot out and left out.
2 then with left in box 2 followed by right
3. with left besides box 3, followed by right and then right in box 3 followed by left, and then right out the box again followed by left etc... until the end of the ladder

Exercise 3
In Out
player 1 puts the left foot in the first box and closes with right foot.
player 1 puts the left foot outside box 2 left of the box and right foot outside the 2nd box right of the box.
And back 1 by 1 in box 3, until the end of the ladder.


Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Not applicable
Suitable for the following levels:
C jeugd
B jeugd
A jeugd