Volleyball drills for warming-up


Butterfly with the throw and build it up with set and attack.
Start with the throw when you are warm and then strike, but always in control.
:Divide group into 2, on each side of the net 1.
On each field put about four Pilons in a square.


  • Throw ball over the net and try to aim into the square.
  • Then rotate clockwise.
  • If the ball falls on the ground in the middle, 1 point.


Make groups of 3 or 4 playersWarming
up exercise. In 3-player groups, ball on the side of most players.
First OH and then BH play and always run after your ball.

Smashing the ball

Defend block with dive

- 1 blocks first at the center and then at the front left. Here he gets a ball played to him by players 7, 8 and 9
.- After block turn around and defends attack of 3 back.
- Then defends in dive short ball from 5.
- 2 is nextBlocker
must keep ball within the lines !!!!

Turn over:
- 1 after defending short ball --> connect behind 6 to-
3 to block --> connect behind 2 to-
5 after giving the short ball --> connect behind 4

Block defend with dive-
1 blocks first on center and then on left front.
- After block turn around and defends attack from 3 back.
- Then defends in dive short ball from 5.
- 2 is next.

Turn over: - 1 to short ball
- 3 to blocking
- 5 to attack

  1. Players stand in the corners of one half of the game. Players at the net throw straight ahead, players in the backfield throw diagonally. Everyone runs after their ball.

  2. Same, only the players at the net play overhand and the players in the backfield play underarm.

  3. Ditto, only everyone on one side of the court and the ball is thrown in over the net from the other side, with an attacking run.
    There is one distributor on 2/3. Pass from position 1, set-up to 4. Pass from position 5, set-up to 2.
    Passer takes up attacker's position and attacker retrieves ball and takes up position of the one who threw up, attack placement on mats.
    The one who threw up joins the other row.

  4. Same, only the one who threw now stays in position to block once. After the block pass. Other remains the same.


Jump with 2 legs on a box section, jump off in squat position (2x).
Block center, connect to outside, block hit ball and with command to back line.
Relay: overhand, underhand and both.
  • To the back line and back.
  • Ball must have been touched before the net 3 times by different players.


2-team overthrow with a twist with two balls:
  • Throwing over and catching at the same time.
  • One throws the ball, the other throws their own ball in the air, catches the thrown ball, and before their own ball comes back and is caught, throw the thrown ball back.
  • One throws the ball, the other throws own ball in the air, catches the thrown ball, turns it around the body, and before the own ball should be caught again, the thrown ball goes back.
  • 3 balls. The one with the 2 balls throws the ball over, the other throws their own ball in the air, catches the thrown ball, quickly throws it back, and catches their own ball.
2 pairs a ball:
  • Overplay.
  • One for yourself and 2nd ball back. Then a push ball and then a smash.

On 2 sides of the net a group:
  • Play fullback, defense from a set-up.
If a 4 team, one setter, one attacker, 2 defenders.
If a 3 then a setter, who plays the ball once for himself and then attacks.

Duration: 4 minutes and then rotate.


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