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Volleyball drill: dive

Suitable for the following techniques: defense


Sprawl trainingExplain the
sprawl. (gliding low over your forearm to catch the ball)

Start on your knees and make yourself long while sliding over your forearms.
If that goes well, let the group stand and do the same exercise while sitting low. This can still be a barrier for some players to continue You have to coach these players to get this technique right.
In the end they all go.

Then in groups of three hit the ball to practice.

  • 1 hits (throws) the ball
  • 1 does the sprawl
  • 1 player catches the ball.

If this goes well you let the player on the 3mtr line start doing a split step backwards and do the sprawl forwards.

Note it is wise to have socks or long sleeves on with this exercise.


Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Not applicable
Suitable for the following levels: