Volleyball drills for defense / passing / digging / diving / reception

  • Organization
    :2 teams. 1 on each field.
    Line up at 7 m intervals.
    Front player has the ball.

  • Execution
    : 1st ball is thrown over the net and the 1st player on that field plays the ball OH over the net again.
    The direction does not matter.
    Then the 2nd player is going to play this ball OH over the net as well.
    All players rejoin behind their own line.
    If the ball falls to the ground or into the net, a point is earned.
    Immediately throw the ball over the net again.
    At 15 points there is a winner.
    When there are more players add extra tasks (like a block jump or a dive).

  • Organization
    :Make trios.
    1 trio is on field A and 1 trio on field
    B. On both fields one trio is on reserve

  • Execution
    :Tr. "serves" the ball to field A: pass-set-up-attackOn
    field B the ball is defended and caught in max 3 contactsBall
    is placed in the ball pitAfter
    the service pass the trio runs on to field B and becomes a reserveThe
    trio on field A becomes a reserve on field A.
    Immediately after the action the reserve trios enter the field.

  • Expanding
    : Now 2 trios on field
    BLoop becomes: fitting trio becomes blocking trioBlocking
    trio becomes defending trioThe
    defending trio becomes reserve on field
    AThe reserve on field A passes and attacks

  • 3 teams serve each other calmly, A serves straight through
  • Two defenders, B passes underhand to C
  • C gives a set-up, preferably overhand and plays the ball back to B
  • B plays the ball over the net
  • After 5 good balls exchange
  • From standing position move backwards and roll to center of field.
  • Starting position defense - outside foot in front, on the line.
  • Move to 7M and then roll to center of field.
  • A few times without the ball, then with the ball.
  • Organization
    • Ladder exercise.
    • Sideways movement to between pos. 4 and 5, body turns towards attacker.
    • Defence on attack.
  • Variant ladder exercise:
  • Variant:
    • After defence, passer sets ball to pos 4 + attack.
    • Pass can also go to blue player (attacker), white player then gets another free ball, on which she definitely gets the pass.
    • After defence, the passer can play a move ball to either the white or the blue player, then pass to one of the two.
    • Turn over:
      • Defence => attack => ladder
      • At least 2 reserve players on ladder and attack.
      • In case of more players: add a block.

  • The player moves left and right into the backfield.
  • As soon as the ball is played, the defender stands still and passes the ball back to the player who introduced it.
  • Organization:
    • 6 players per field.
    • 2 on each side of the net in position 1.
    • Pass to 5 or 6, build up and pass the ball to the server.
    • The server defends to position 6, who executes the first contact, and the previous server sets the ball to position 2, the defence player.
    • As long as there are 2 balls, keep going, if 1 is dropped, go for the point.
  • Find out what the players can do.
  • Organization:
    • On field A 2 persons without the ball. 1 at the net and 1 at 3m. at position 4 and a SV at 2/3.
    • Further on field A a row with ball on 6.
    • On field B a defender on 6 and 5.
    • Defending and (for now) catching and connecting on field A.
  • Method of working:
    • Player on 6 throws/plays the ball to SV.
    • At the moment of set-up the player at 4 moves backwards at the net (a C-run) and attacks the passed ball.
    • Both SV and player give attacking cover.
    • The attacker takes the place of the passer.
    • Later move attack to 3 and defenders to 1 and 5.
  • Half of the group works, other half passes balls and ensures ball safety.
  • 2 trainers pass balls.
  • Player enters court, does split-step and taps ground with 2 hands.
  • T touches 1st ball which is defended to catch at position 2/3, T touches 2nd ball which the player defends again after moving and split-step.
  • All this at position 5, 6 and 1.