Volleyball drills for defense / passing / digging / diving / reception


  • Trainer plays ball in to duo on opposite side
  • Attack is built up and passed on technically
    • Attacker disappears to substitute,
    • Reserve comes in to pos 6,
    • 6 to 5,
    • 5 to blocker (out of the net)
  • Same at the other side
  • After 5 minutes change of passer

  • 2 balls on one side.
  • Passing ball pos 4, other pos 4 a 3.
  • Ball is defended to passer each time and passes to opposite side


  • Divide the group in two
  • All on the back line
  • The 1st pair (from both sides) walk to the net
  • Make a block jump
  • And go backwards again
  • The trainer brings the ball into play
  • And they set up an attack and play out the rally
    • Both pairs out and new ones in

  • 3 defenders (+1 waiting room) on 1 side of the field the rest on the other side all with ball (servers)+ ball ball
  • Servers serve the ball, the defenders must pass it to the TR (position 2/3)
  • Change players regularly!
  • Point count:
    • Good serve and bad pass is 1 point, but wrong serve is deduction of one point --> servers
    • Good pass is 1 point, but wrong pass is deduction of one point --> defenders
  • Who is first to reach the 7 points
  • TR rolls the ball to the servers
  • On both sides are 4 players (2 in the field and 2 in the waiting room)
  • Ball is served, on the side where the ball falls to the ground swap with the players from the waiting room.
  • The winning team may serve again.
  • Ball to TR (2/3) who thus determines how the pass is.
  • 3 defenders on 1 side others go with 1 SV attacking from 52 and C
  • Ball pit in the back of the pitch and the attacker throws the ball to the SV


  • Field A passer on p6, Sv on p2 and attacker on p4 at the net
  • Field B defender on p5, thrower/server on p1 and block on p2

  • Technical service on passer.
  • Pass to SV and attack on p4
  • Both SV and passer give attack coverage
  • If block, defend and attack again
  • If defending, pass to passer and attack again
  • If scoring, switch.
  • Maximum 3 attacks

Organization Field A:
  • Playmaker on 2
  • Attackers on 4
  • Defender on 5 + reserve
  • Field B:
  • Blockers on 2 and 3
  • Attackers on 4/5

  • Tr/player throws/strikes ball at defender
  • Pass-set-up attack
  • Running:
    • Attacker becomes block at 2
  • Block at 2 goes to 3
  • Block at 3 goes to throw/strike
  • Thrower becomes reserve defender on field A
  • Defender becomes attacker at field A


  • Trainer with reserve player and ball pit on field B p4
  • Block at field B on p2/p3 and defend p5
  • 2 players in field A at p2/p3 (block)
  • Defending field B at p4 and p5

  • Trainer hits ball to p4/p5
  • Block and turn immediately open
  • Defended ball attacks on p4
  • Block-defend-catch

  • Attack p4-block p2-block p3-reserve
  • Block p2-block- p3-reserve p5-defend p5


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