Volleyball drill: rebounding

Suitable for the following techniques: attack


  • Rebounding (per 2): wrist hit, correct foot forward, weaponing, hit the ball
  • Kids bump with the ball on the ground to control afterwards and then hit the ball.
    • FIRST (individually): hit downwards (wrist hit, correct foot forward, weaponing)
    • THEN (individually): hit with wrist hit over the net
    • THEN (per 2): hit with wrist hit over the net. The other kid defends this ball and hits back
    • LAST (per 2): but then on points
  • Per 2, each on one side of the field + a ball. Steps of attack run and then hit underneath the net ( 1 hand points to the ball, the other hand hits, wrist clamps around ball) other catches and does the same.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
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Suitable for the following levels: