Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting


Butterfly with the throw and build it up with set and attack.
Start with the throw when you are warm and then strike, but always in control.
2 teams with trainer.
1 player throws ball to trainerTrainer
throws ball to player 2, who plays back underarms and gets a setup from trainer.
Player 2 plays tip ball in the hoop or on the mat. Focused placement


  • Easier version: no keys, but only tipball.
  • More difficult version: start with passed ball, do not throw.


4 against 4, 2 touch

2 teams of 4 play against each other. Teams may only:
  • Play ball underhand.
  • Play ball overhand.
  • Play push/poke ball.
No smash.
Ball must be over the net in 2x. Both teams must play 100%, dive balls, run, get up and move.

Follow a 4-player team, each on their own half of the court.
  • Pass.
  • Bra push.
  • Pass 1x own, 2nd side.
  • Pass 1x own, 180 turn, backwards: back pass.

Catch ball from 5 and 1 knees up.

Player comes from 5 and has to catch the ball from the trainer, then ball in the ball pit. And connect at the back.
  • From 5.
  • From 1.

Attack on 4 and 2

Player on 5 passes the ball to player on 3 after passing TR, who sets up the ball, player from 5 finishes off the ball. Passer becomes attacker, attacker retrieves own ball and joins setters.
  • From 5.
  • From 1.

Fixed setter

TR. Throws ball to player on 6, who passes to fixed setter. Player coming from 5 finishes the attack. Passer joins attackers, attacker gets own ball, joins passers.

  • From 5.
  • From 1.
  • 2 defenders, one trying to defend the ball, the other catcher.
Constant turnovers.

Walking exercise:
a. Sprint to the 3 meter line.
b. Side connecting pass
. Blocks at 4, 3 and 2.
d Pass under the net, to the 3 meter line, turn around and backward through to the back line
. Sideways to the other sidef
. Sprint to the start.

Pass and follow. Under the net. Around the pawns.

Catch ball from 5.
Pass ball from 5 towards setter on 3. Finish set-up and fetch ball. Setter becomes passer. Variation from 1.

Watch out for attacking pass. Every ball full out.

3 vs
43 serves on 4. Team 4 must attack with a set-up and smash. If you can't get it right, free ball. And continue to play the rally.
Emphasis: 3 players must go to the net and execute a block. Note the third player must connect. During the rally the 4 should also emphasize the block, with the SV connecting left and right.

Divide the group in two.

1 side serves and other side passes with catch --> PURSUE!

the pass goes well expand with attack.
3 players on 1 side and the rest 'team setup' on the other side.

  • TR plays ball in at 3-count, defend and attack.
  • Team defends rally ball and plays out the rally further.
  • Once the ball is safely on the ground, TR immediately brings in another ball to 3-tal.
  • And so on.


- 3 blockers-
1 SV-
Rest attacks

  • TR plays the ball in
  • 1 and or 2 pass --> SV passer becomes attacker and guard room comes in 6

    or 2 --> attacker --> guard 6 comes in for defense.
    Attacker becomes waiting room blocker behind 5.
    Blocker 3 --> retrieves the ball --> into ball carrier.

    NOTE: maybe an extra player in the waiting room defense, then remove 1 blocker 4 or 5.

  • Per 4 players 1 x tennis ball over the net.
  • Players stand 3m apart.
  • Net at throwing height.
  • Marker discs.
1. A throws TB over the net, runs over and connects.
2. A does run up; 2 passes and throws ball over at the net.

  • A has TB & C has TB.
  • A throws over and runs to pos IV.
  • B catches TB from A and throws it back to A with wrist strike.
  • A catches TB and does attack run 2 paces and throws ball with wrist strike to B.
  • A connects back behind his row on his side C does exercise.
Point of attention : arm high, + wrist movement 10 xLet go
with arm extended in front of shoulder.

4. Same as 2 but on pos II.

5. Approach 3 steps

  • Step up swing of arms small -slow-
  • Large backward arm swing -fast-
  • Small catch up and jump -fast-Organization
    - A and C with 1 TB over the net.
    - A to starting position 3m B to net, B has TB.
    - A does dry 3 step run up to the net, B shuffles backwards.
    - B does dry 3 step run up to the net and throws down the TB with pulse, A shuffles backwards and catches ball.
    - B goes to the net.
    - Dry practice
    - In pairs over net with TB , 3 steps and throw ball over with wrist movement 10 x

5b. Same exercise as 3, but B throws ball up, makes run, catches ball with stretched arm and throws over.

6. Exercise 3 now with 3 passes of run up.

7. Exercise 3 with extensions:
  • A does 3 passes of approach and throws over.
  • B does 3 passes of approach and throws over.
8. Extension exercise 3:
  1. A does 3 step run and throws ball over with wrist motion and runs to home IV.
  2. B catches ball, makes 3 step run and throws TB to A, meanwhile C walks to net, B walks to home.
  3. A throws TB to C , C throws TB to A, who runs up estimating the ball with 3 passes, and throws ball over.
  4. C taps cone after pass and moves into starting position A, A connects behind C.
  5. A throws TB to D and exercise restarts from D.
  • A can choose which way home II or home IV, C turns right in depending on angle.
  • B can also choose either pos I or pos IV.

10. Everyone with light ball on the wall.
  • Practice wrist strike.
  • Hand position & pulse.
  • No arm movement.
  • Arm stays high, strike with hooded open hand.
  • 3 minutes practice.
11. Arms high, hand outward other arm stays high.
3 min practice12

. Arms sideways, raise at the same time 1 arm in front 1 in back,

  • Throw ball with spin.
  • Load and then release when ball is there.



2 children on 1 side of the net with 1 ball2
on the opposite side1
child throws the ball to the other, who throws it up in 1 fluid motion. The other tries to hit the ball.

First under the net, then over the net.
Variation by changing distance


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