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Volleyball drills for

  • Player A throws/hits ball towards player C 
  • Player C passes the ball towards player B. 
  • Player B sets up the ball. 
  • Player C attacks. 

Goal: 1st series balls straight, 2nd series balls diagonally. 

Walking line: A joins back of line C, B keeps hitting balls, C joins back line A.


  • The trainer randomly plays 1 or 2. 
  • From there, a set up to the other (1 or 2) is given for attacking. 
  • Depending on where the attack happens, 6 players on the other side of the net take the correct positions. 
  • Blocking, defending, and play over the net to me. 
  • High tempo. 
  • If the ball is not defended, throw it to my side of the net so that we can continue. 


  1. Server plays the ball towards position 6
  2. 1 of the 2 passers, passes the ball towards the playmaker(SV)
  3. SV plays the ball to the front left or right
  4. Attacker (A) completes the attack (attack pass to net)
  5. Attack

    server -> passer

    passer -> attack

    attack -> server

drawing pass, setup, attack
  • Ball to TR (2/3) who thus determines how the pass is.
  • 3 defenders on 1 side others go with 1 SV attacking from 52 and C
  • Ball pit in the back of the pitch and the attacker throws the ball to the SV
drawing Attacking with defense
  • 3 passers and "Sv" on 2 and reserve on 1
  • 3 defenders and 1 sv/block on 2

  • Ball is served. First trainer, then players.
  • Pass by 1, 5 or 6 to p2/3.
  • "Sv" gives a setup to p4
  • Player on p5 runs a "C" and attacks the ball.
  • Possible rally play
  • "Sv" goes to get ball and then serve

  • Field A:
    • Reserve=>1=>6=>5=>2=>field B
  • Field B:
    • Reserve =>5=>2=>1=>6=>serve=>field A


drawing Service pass
  • There are 3 threesomes, a 1 playmaker and 1 libero.
  • 1 trio will serve and defend, 1 trio will block and 1 trio will pass, along with the libero, and attack.
  • Sets always start at 18-18 and the match is played between attackers and defenders/blockers.
  • Attackers can only score directly from the side-out.
  • If the ball is defended, it must be caught by the right forward.
  • If that succeeds, it is a point for the defenders/blockers, otherwise for the attackers.
  • 3 laps of warm up
  • Play in 2 teams
  • 2x OH followed by 2x BH
  • 3 or 4 teams, following the ball under the net. Do not touch the net.
  • Then run with the whole group on the diagonal field. Play from 2 to 5, but run around the pawn on 1 and 4.

  • Sparring in varia
    Team of 4 or 3 plays from a fixed spot
    • 2 defenders
    • 1 setter
    • 1 attacker

  • Setter plays the ball BH to the attacker,
  • Attacker starts push to defenders
  • Defenders play the ball to setter.
  • Pushball can become smash. Each player 4 minutes per position.

  • Complex exercise
    • Player at 6 processes ball to setter.
    • Setter goes to position 4 and player comes from position 5 to complete attack.
    • Player goes out to get the ball.

      • One player defends the attack in the backfield.
      • One player blocks attack and one player defends backfield.

    • 2 groups will practice passing walk.

    • Trainer throws ball to
    • 3 processes ball to fixed setter at 2.5 setter runs from 3 to 2.5 each time
    • Setter plays the ball backwards to position 2
    • Here the defender catches the ball and rolls the ball to the other side where the players collect the ball in the ball pit.
    • Then the same to position 4.

      Points of attention:

    • Setter goes into defense after the set-up.
    • All players move with him.
    • Attacking 2 or 4

      Variation that the trainer indicates which attack is played. This means who completes the smash and in what direction.
      fixed setter in this exercise the other four collect the balls.

      Variation on this:
      • Attack is rounded off. 2
      • players block.
      • 4
      • others
      • defend and play a counter-attack if possible.

  • 4 gives setup on 1 and 1 attacks on 2.
  • 2 defends to 3,
  • 3 gives setup on 2 and 2 attacks on 1,
  • 1 defends on 4 and it starts all over again.
  • After 3 and 4 have given 5 setups they switch,
  • the challenge is to do this while keeping the ball in play.


  • field is divided in 2 parts
  • on side 1 are 1 playmaker, the libero and the middle attackers
  • on side 2 are the other players
  • there are on each side 1 attacker and 1 blocker and a server.
  • depending on the number of players there is 1 passer or 2 passers.
  • the purpose of this exercise is to get in agreement with the distributor which ball you want to play.
  • With the middle players we will practice on the 'rise' balls and other variations such as the 'neck'.
drawing coordination with playmaker
From position 1 is served on 2 passers, including libero.
Sv. has choice of pos. 3 and 4 middle/outside. On both positions double blocking. At the center pos. 4 + 3 and outside pos. 2 + 3. 
In addition, the defense is set diagonally. 
At center attack, position 1 is shielded, position 5 sits shorter and position 6 defends the deep ball. 
Play out rally. 

Goal for the offense to score, goal for the defense to defend everything.

drawing Service pass and coordination block/defense
Divide the group in two.

1 side serves and other side passes with catch --> PURSUE!

the pass goes well expand with attack.
drawing Servepass with extension-attack
Butterfly with the throw and build it up with set and attack. 
Start with the throw when you are warm and then strike, but always in control.
drawing Warm up