Volleyball drills for

  • Field A. 2 players in pass P4 and P3.
  • Sv on P2.
  • Field B. Block on P2 and P3.
  • Serve P1 and defend P4 and P5.
  • Service on P3 and P4. Then defend on P1.
  • Attack hard if possible and tap otherwise.
  • Change after 5 services.
  • 3 triplets:
    • 1 throws balls to
    • 1 provides ball security
    • 1 goes to work
  • Ball is attacked in the straight on thrown on ball.
  • This ball is caught and thrown back to the person who threw it.
  • The attacker meanwhile goes around the pawn in the backfield and comes back to attack again.
  • 10 balls and then change.
  • Each trio starts at the same time.
  • Create sequences of 3
  • Build up the sequences in difficulty

  • knock on the ball - turn hand through 25 x
  • Tap on ball - OH wrist up 25 x then hold up as many times as possible
  • Knock on ball - BH wrist held up 25 x then hold up as many times as possible
  • knock on the ball quickly 25 x clash
  • tapping on the ball quickly 25 x letting it collide, whip and snap , on the ground exercise holding balls up
  • swing through

  • dry practice 25 x
  • hitting ball that person is holding 25 x
  • throwing with tennis ball & catching 25 x
  • hitting with volleyball against wall 25 x

Open to setter
On raise - skirting - and put down mat to come down on.
  • get ready, jump off do no move 25 x

Open tosetter and hit
  • hit from elevation at the net, over the net 25 x everyone get their own ball

Run-up 1 step
  • dry to the net start on 1 leg 25 x

game run-up
  • 2 teams
  • 1 does approach from 1 step hitting the ball
  • other tries to hit the ball

Throw up the ball per 2
  • throw up with your striking arm, calmly hitting each other
  • H-M-L
  • L-M-R
Throw up the ball, run up and hit it over the net at position 4
  • Trailing the ball
2 vs. 6

  • Trainer starts by throwing to player/setter at 2,5.
  • Setter plays ball to attacker at 4.
6-setter defends fully and plays out the rally.

  • block
  • block coverage
  • move without ball
  • switch with center back

  • attack on 3 and on 2
  • exchange with players
  • Everyone has a ball.
  • You throw the ball up in front of yourself as high as possible with 1 hand.
  • Then you hit the ball over the net.
  • Pay attention to your technique: arm outstretched, pick up the ball at the highest point, keep stepping with your foot.
  • Throw the ball lower and lower until it is nice for you to hit.
  • Now throw the ball up again as high as possible with one hand but slightly forward, so that you can hit the ball from a jump.
  • Again you are going to throw lower and lower but you keep making sure you can jump.
  • Trainers throw high to the aerial and you have to attack it with a jump!
  • Ball is passed over the net.
  • Afterwards, player runs under net.
  • Player takes reception and passes to 3.
  • Setter passes to 4 and catches the ball.
Expansion with attack.

  • Attack from one side, passer chooses where she passes.
  • Team setup does Position defense and plays counterattack if necessary.
  • Block! Formation defense!
  • 3 attackers
  • 2 passers
  • 1 backup passer
  • 1 playmaker
  1. Trainer hits balls to the passers, after your pass you take the place of the attacker who attacked.
  2. Except on middle. The middle attacker stays in position and only changes with another middle.
  3. High tempo so change positions quickly.
NOTE: the ball must always be played in 3s
  • Serve --> defense/pass and 3-meter attack --> play out rally
With odd number of players:
  • leave the SV on 1 side --> after x number of balls the SV moves to the other side
  • Player in the waiting room, side of the field, and after each attack the most right player goes out.
  • One moves up and the reserve player comes in from the left.
Which team has 10 points first.
Passing exercises:

  1. In a group of 5 players, the ball should be played to the setter at position 2, who then sets the ball to position 3 set. The catcher catches the ball.
  2. Play 2 against 2 with a net in between, where all passes must be underhanded and the ball must be passed between them at least once.
  3. Play out a rally: the trainer throws the ball on and the group handles the ball and plays out the rally.
Quality is important in every exercise, including movement after the action. The passer must move with the ball, the setter must move with the ball after the set, and so on.
TR on 1 side with ball box.
1 SV which changes regularly.
1 fixed passer which changes regularly -if libero present, this passer will continue to pass-.
The rest will attack 52/C and MID

With more players:
  • Multiple defenders.
  • Blocking
  • Instead of TR a player can pass the ball.
  • On the side of the TR/ player setting up the ball put an extra player who puts the attacked ball in ball box and then goes to defend.
Defending - attacking - catching ball in ball box - defending.