volleyball drill:
"Upper leg combo/muscle ache level 4"

Suitable for the following techniques: warming-up

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Upper leg combo/muscle ache level 4

The upper leg combo consists of 3 exercises that can be done in sequence. Pairs are formed, and you do three exercises with your own pair.

3 minute squats, bend legs as if you sit down. Buttocks to the back, back straight. Slower lower (preferably in 90 degrees) and come back up again. keep hands before body. Knees must not move past the toes. When coming up, keep tension on the legs. In the lowest position, the ball is played back and forth to the partner 

-2x2 minute Lunges, step with leg forward in 90 degree angle. Slowly bend your knees and come back up. Keep back straight and slowly lower so you can feel your buttocks.  When you are in the lowest position, throw the ball to the opposite player in the same position. 2 minutes left leg, and 2 minutes the right leg.

- 4 minute Steppen,   4 minutes Stepping,   place benches opposite each other and put 1 foot on the bench and back. Each time the same foot. Keep up for 2 minutes. Then change legs. Up and down...the last minute you jump on the bench with two feet at the same time. Throw the ball to the opposite player and he throws it back. If the one is on the bench to throw the ball, the other is on the ground and vice versa.