volleyball drill:

Suitable for the following techniques: warming-up

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Stand opposite each other in pairs:

  • 1 person has 2 tennis balls, the other 2 volleyballs.
  • The person with the volleyballs throws one ball high to the other person, to 1 of his 2 hands.
  •  That person has to throw the tennis ball in that hand low back to the other person
  • Always the same person who performs the first action

Stand opposite to each other in pairs:

  • 1 person has a tennis ball, the other a volleyball
  • Volleyball is replayed in 2 contact, high or low
  • The tennis ball is then replayed in 1 contact, low if the volleyball comes high, high if the volleyball comes low

Per 2 opposite each other:

  • Variation on previous exercise
  • If the volleyball is played high, it must be replayed directly in 1 contact (tennis ball is played low at the same time).
  •  If the volleyball is played low, it will be replayed in 2 contacts

Per 2 opposite each other:

  • Play ball as long as possible towards each other with only the arms.