Handball drills for all skills


series of exercises to train postural muscles

  • hip crossover
  • scorpion
  • one-hundred
  • left hand on right knee, right hand on right ankle, left leg extended (15 cm off the ground), shoulders off the ground -> change: right hand on left knee, left hand on left ankle, right leg extended. Calm movement!
  • On hands/knees (shoulders - torso - legs rectangle). Turn right leg and right arm up towards the ceiling, hips together. From here, turn back, dog pose, swing left leg up, back to hands/knees. Repeat! Idem left.
  • Side posture, upper leg stretched back, upper arm stretched forward. Bring hand to knee and stretch again. Repeat! Same as on the other side.
  • Sit on right hip, right hand on the ground. From here up with left leg stretched towards ceiling and back again. Repeat! Same as left side.
  • plank posture. From there, move foot by foot next to your hand and back again. Order: first right first, then left first (alternately).

play ball around with pressure


  • Roll the ball 5 meters forward and pick it up while running, cross the whole field, go around the tip and run back
  • throw up the ball and catch it while walking, walk back the entire field and outside tip
  • Move sideways across the field, ball above your head, walk back around the tips.
  • Cross pass sideways with ball above head, walk back tipping the whole field outside
  • lift knees, swing arms, hold ball in one hand, halfway field heels against buttocks 2x
  • Individual charging the goalkeeper, finishing
  • Pairs bring up and finish
  • bring up and finish pairs with change.
  • Bringing up a pair of players in the difference.
  • bring up a trio, walk in the difference, two opponents in a row
  • bring up a threesome, walk in the difference, two interfering players next to each other
  • Two people sit side by side on 6 meter line facing the other side of the field.
  • Trainer throws a ball from behind in front of the boys.
  • As soon as they see the ball they stand up and see who has the ball first.
  • Finish on the other side.

  • give each other the right arm and bend your knees in a sitting position.
  • idem left arm


  • Two pairs shake hands in a crossed position (see photo) and kneel down in the sitting position.


  • 2 opposite each other, bend their knees in the sitting position and come up and kick forward with the left and right leg alternately.




Two pairs sit down and stand up at the same time, with their backs against each other.


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