Handball drills for attack / offense


Play with pressure from the left or right. (Depending on the number of players available whether we play 6 against 6 or less). When you shoot at goal but miss, you have to push yourself up 5 times.

  • curb in goal.
  • trying to throw it on the edge and catch it.
  • In different forms:
    • ordinary
    • jump shot
    • with defense and feint
    • with defense and jumping over
    • in teams of 2 with 1 defense
  • Players make 2 rows with the ball. First player has no ball.
  • Player 1 and 2 start forward and player 2 plays player 1.
  • Player 2 goes backwards and starts forward with player 3 and gets the ball and throws at goal.
    • hands goalkeeper, high li/re,
    • middle li/re,
    • under li/re,
    • diagonal,
    • bounce,
    • free on target
  • 3 players 1 ball in 1 line.
  • Middle player B has the ball, throws it to A and gets it back, trying to pass A.
  • After passing A plays the ball to B, who throws it to C.
  • Gets it back and tries to pass C.
  • After passing, B plays the ball to C who throws the ball to A, gets it back and tries to pass A.


  • Players stand on the bench with the ball.
  • the one in front jumps off the bench goes backwards around the bench and throws at the goal.
  • connects other row


  • same with defender


  • groups of 5 persons with
    • 1 ball.
    • 3 attackers and
    • 2 defenders
  • 1 attacker on the circle
  • the 2 attackers play the ball around and try to play the player on the circle,
  • the defenders try to prevent this.


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