Handball drills for attack / offense

  • make several teams of 5, 4 or 3 players / depending on the number of players in the training
  • 2 teams start to play against each other
  • who scores continues playing, who does not score leaves the field and a new team comes on the field
  • give different instructions at the beginning, e.g. always a change must be included, no steuten or 10-second rule double score....


  • Organization:
  • Make 5 equal groups, 1 group at each side and 3 in the middle.
  • Make sure both sides have several balls.
  • Put 2 defenders (red) just inside the 9 meter line.

  • Sequence:
  • B1 plays to B2
  • B2 runs to the ball and plays to B3
  • B3 plays to B4 and B4 tries to score.
  • Meanwhile, B1 has to chase the ball to help the defenders.
  • Then repeat from left to right.

  • Points of attention:
    Swap positions clockwise every 2 minutes, after 10 min everyone will have played every position.
    Pass quickly and accurately, and put pressure in the joint (i.e. between 2 defenders, if the defenders get the ball, the exercise stops and you start again from the other side.
  • Both start in a corner,
  • circle the pawn, whoever gets to the ball first is the attacker
  • and tries to score.

1. Make pairs with two balls.
2. The two players start from the center line.
3. The trainer plays one ball between the players. The player with the ball becomes attacker, the other defender.
4. After the attacker finishes, the defender runs back to the center line and grabs the second ball.
5. The attacker from the net, becomes the defender and the defender from the net attacks.

1. You divide the team into two corners.
2. One pair starts defending.
2. The first pair plays the ball to the goalkeeper and runs a half break.
3. The pair receives the ball from the goalkeeper just before the half way line4
. They play two against two.
5. 5. After finishing, the next pair starts from the corner and makes a half break.
6. At the same time, the attackers run from the net to the half way line and become defenders. The goalkeeper takes the ball as quickly as possible and plays it to the new attackers.

  • Put 3 lines down at the opb and mid position.
    • Take space,
    • further in front of the 9 meter the 3 dummys (in case of lack of dummys you can also use posts or pawns) on the defensive positions.
  • Mid starts with ball to L, between 2 dummys, LO starts behind and receives ball from mid.
  • LO starts through to R
  • MO starts towards left, LO plays pass to inside starting MO
  • MO goes further into corner and plays pass to back past starting LH, LH puts pressure for UR, LO starts in towards middle
  • LH plays pass to in starting LO
  • LO pressures left of MA-l and plays pass to in starting RO, CS puts bar on MA-r, LO puts bar on MA-l, LH starts in to centre
  • RO plays pass to in starting LO
  • LO completes from circle


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