Korfball drills for all skills

  • 4 children per basket
  • Everyone has his own ball.
  • Every child on 1 side of the basket.
  • If you score you may move up one place.
  • Who is round first wins.
  • Even number of children per group
  • Assignment successful is get a new one from the trainer.
  • Who is first to complete all the tasks?
    • Score 5 times shot
    • 5 times stop shot
    • 2 shots in a series
    • 4 times score from the back
    • Score twice per person
  • 2 in front of the basket.
  • One person behind the basket tries to get in front.
  • It doesn't work because someone is defending in front of the basket.
  • Throw long ball. Change every 2 shots.
  • Make 8
  • In the middle you put balls
  • The players stand by their basket
  • At the whistle they run in and try to get a ball
  • When you have a ball you may attempt a shot (penalty throw - distance) and
  • If you score, you get a point,
  • At every new round one ball less in the middle.
  • The players who do not have the ball keep running.
  • up to 5 points per person

  • 4 near the basket. Play around. Cut with the ball.
  • make sure there is always someone at the back.
  • turn around to the back 7 score/make
  • Have the players shoot ten times and count the number of goals they score
  • Then make them sprint ten times for ten metres.
  • Then they have to shoot ten more times and count the number of goals they score.
  • Make a square of pawns next to the baskets you have placed.
  • All players gather in that square.
  • Balls at the 2 baskets closest to the square. 2 tickers.
  • As soon as you are tagged, you leave the square and the players can score freely on the baskets.
  • Scored? Then the player can return.
  • Change quickly of tickers.
  • Per basket 4 players, 2 attackers, 2 defenders.
  • They compete with each other and the rules are changed a little bit each time.
    1. The attackers must score 2x. Intercept the defenders 2x the ball then there is exchanged
    2. same as above but now there may only be shot if there is at least 1x overplayed
    3. same as 1 but only allowed to score with an extended ball
    4. Defensive shooting is allowed, the catch is important to be able to continue attacking.
  • etc. The trainer of each basket can make additions to these exercises, passing on these variations quickly is a must for concentration.
  • Make 2 teams of 4 players.
  • Hats!
  • Gather between the 4 baskets.
  • The attacking team gets the ball and can choose which basket to attack.
  • This is to encourage them to look for free space.
  • The other team follows, intercepts the ball?
  • Then they choose. Do this the first 5 minutes.
  • Then another variant.
  • Divide all players over 4 teams. Each team gets its own basket and must defend it.
  • If one team has the ball, they choose where to attack.