Korfball drills for all skills


  • There are two players per pole.
  • There are 6 pawns next to the pole, each at a distance of 2 metres.
  • When they have scored, they can move one pawn backwards, when they miss, they stand as catcher.
  • And when it is their turn again they start all over again.
  • The poles are 8 meters apart,
  • four poles.
  • Between two poles she has to sprint and between the next two poles she has to jog.
  • Then sprint again and then jog.


  • In a square.
  • You throw the ball and run after your own ball.

Different exercises with the ball:

  • Throwing the ball up and catching it again,
  • Wrap the ball around your belly,
  • Throwing with 1 hand and catching with 2 hands,
  • Throwing from front to back or back to front.

After the game, have everyone take 2 penalty throws.

They can choose from:

  • Toilet tag,
  • pendulum tag,
  • Doctor tag0 or
  • Tee ball (if there is still time).


2 laps run without a task

1 circle of short sides skipping

1 lap short sides heels bottoms

1 lap at your hardest

Play a game and pay attention to free running.


Line shoot. Are three distances and they all must try to score.


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