Korfball drills for all skills


The following run through ball exercise combines the taking of the run through ball with a bit of condition, timing and cooperation. The exercise is performed with three teams. You place a pawn in front of the basket at about 6-7 metres, and at the same distance also a pawn behind the basket. Player 1 starts with the pawn in front of the basket, player 2 starts with the ball under the basket, and player 3 starts with the pawn behind the basket.

Player 1 starts by taking a walkthrough ball. At the same time, number 3 behind the basket also starts running to catch the ball. Number 1 receives the ball from number 2 and makes the pass. After passing the ball he runs to the back of the pawn. After passing the ball, number 2 walks to the front pawn, turns around and starts the exercise again. The ball is not allowed to fall on the ground, so no one can drop it and slow down the pace of the exercise.

It is important that the pace of the runners stays high, so players are not allowed to wait until the other runner is ready. To encourage players not to drop the ball on the ground, you can take this into account with the scoring. A goal counts as a point, but dropping the ball on the ground takes away one point.

The exercise is performed with 3 or 4 players per basket. There is an attacker in front, a defender next to him or her, and a declarer and possibly a receiver under the basket. The ball is under the basket with the attacker, the exercise must be set up wide, so that the attacker has the space to perform the exercise. The defender is instructed to start at arm's length (can touch the attacker's shoulder). The attacker makes a wide move to the left or right, and receives the ball. The attacker plays the ball again to the attacker, and starts his action to the basket. The defender's task is to hold back the attacker with one hand, thus creating resistance for the attacker. The attacker will therefore have to continue to the basket, even if he gets resistance from the defender. At about 4 metres from the basket, the defender lets go and the attacker has to finish the ball. The attacker is not allowed to continue until a goal is scored, which makes him aware that he still has to complete the ball, despite the contact and a possible penalty throw.




Play a game of 2-on-2 with one attacker under the post. The attackers can play each other but also the free person under the basket, the free person is only attacker and defender. Let the attackers attack for 3 x 45 seconds and then swap the attackers and the defenders. To add an element of competition you can count the goals.

Stand in pairs facing each other, about 5 metres apart

Stand on your left leg and throw the ball with your left hand to the left of your team-mate. Both throw and catch with one hand. Do this 15 times with the left hand and then 15 times with the right hand. After this, switch to standing on the right leg and repeat the exercise.


Make 5 rows of hats, each row has its own colour.

Have the players jog between the hats. After about 10 seconds call out a color and the players must sprint to the hats with the correct color. The last player to reach the hat gets a penalty point. At 5 penalty points the player has to do 5 push-ups and then starts again at 0 penalty points.

Put 4 hats in a square and 1 hat with a tennis ball in the middle, the distance between the hats is 5 meters.

Start running at an empty hat and take the tennis ball from the middle hat and put it on an empty hat on the outside.

Then run to the middle again and tap the hat in the middle with your hand, Â then run to the hat with the tennis ball and pick it up and put it on the hat in the middle.

You run through all the hats and then give the tennis ball to the next runner who does the same.


Player 1 at 2.5 m from the post, player 2 at pass-on position (whichever player 1 likes best)

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