Korfball drills for attack / score


Progressive series of exercises: 1.1

  • Start in normal diamond position.
  • Person(1) on top gives to Person (2) side field.
  • Then Person (1) runs to the rebound.
  • While persons (3,4) walk towards person (2),
  • who plays one of them and this one gets open space to shoot.


  • The taker gets played late.
  • The defender is right behind him.
  • Take it easy. If the defender's back. Looking for the arm...

Goaltender throws to forward goes after the ball for:

  • pass
  • dodge
  • shot

Bitch catches and throws to opposite side etc. With 2 balls at the same time.

Inshort: practise all kinds of forms of the shot from a supporting position.

Organisation: pairs per basket, always one person under the basket and one person in front of it. Change after about 1 minute.

a ) One person in front of the basket at about 6 meters, the shooter stands under the basket. The shooter starts away from the basket (backwards), gets the ball and shoots immediately. The striker catches the ball.

b ) As exercise a., but the shooter only threatens with a shot, lets the defender jump in and then continues with an "underhand pull ball": a kind of private penalty throw from about 5 meters diagonally behind the basket. The Germa-ball - so called by me after Germa Woldhuis of Nic. who had success with this on a regular basis - is practised here. The server catches the ball.

c ) The starting situation is the same, but the shooter now gets a defender with him (some pairs cancel each other out). The defender's task is to decide which of the two possibilities (a. or b.) the attacker will get: either he reacts deliberately too late (after which a shot must follow), or he follows the shooter too closely (thus giving the opportunity for an underhand draw). In exercises d., e. and f., the attacker plays free with one simple movement. An efficient way, which requires however a lot of technique (and thus practice).

  • 1Minute
    1. Shot > 2
    2. Passage with ball > 4
    3. Shot > 1
  • 30 sec Bridge
  • When player executes exercise, players take penalty throw`.


  • Put four caps around the basket at a distance of 4 meters.
  • 1 in front 2 on either side of the basket and 1 behind the basket.
  • The players at the front/back are 1 team and the player on either side of the basket are 1 team.

Option 1:

  • A shot is taken by a random player all 4 players try to grab the rebound.

Option 2:

  • There is shot by a random player all 4 player try to grab the rebound.
  • Once the ball is caught by a player he has 2 choices: He shoots the ball directly at the basket himself or he places the ball directly on his teammate and he takes the shot.
  • Play freely but see practice back.
  • 3 x interceptions change
    • score interception off
  • At each basket 3 attackers and 3 defenders
  • Keep an ideal triangle
  • You may only be out of square for 3 seconds
    • Move inside every time
    • Pressure
      • Defenders run along
      • Defenders use their arms
      • Defenders full pressure
  • Scoring change function
  • 2/1 Running after passing (shooting to score, not because you are free)
  • A small square around the basket. In this square, two players must attack and pass continuously. After each pass the player is in motion.
  • 3/1 idem
  • 3/1 Crossing after passing.
  • After each pass, the thrower crosses with the player who did not receive the ball, so they change positions.
  • 3/1 Same as above but make sure that, as soon as you receive the ball, you are ready to shoot. If you are in a good position and have caught the ball well, you may shoot.
  • 3/2 Shoot, move and cross.
  • 3/3 Shoot, move and cross.
  • 3/3 Shoot, move and cross with a pass.
  • Make sure there is a pass in front of the basket so there is a possibility to shoot.
  • 4/4 All of the above actions but now with a good rebound, but this one does not stay in position.