Korfball drills for all skills


Power squat

  • Stand up straight and hold a ball in front of the body.
  • Shift the weight to the left foot and bend the right knee so that the right foot goes towards the buttocks.
  • Bend the elbows and bring the ball to the right ear.
  • Keeping the back neutral, bend from the hips and knees.
  • Lower the torso to the left and bring the ball to the left ankle.
  • Tighten the left leg and stretch the knee and torso and return to the starting position.
  • Do 15 times on each leg.

Standing Crunch

  • Stand upright with left leg in front of right leg. Hands up.
  • Shift weight onto left foot and pull right knee up to hip height.
  • At the same time, stand on the toes with the left foot and bring the elbows down by the sides.
  • Make your hands into fists.
  • Stop at the highest point, hold for 2 seconds and return to the starting position.
  • Do this 10 times with each leg.

Chair position

  • Stand up straight
  • Arms above your head, bend your knees and bring your upper body forward at a 45-degree angle.
  • Keep feet flat on the floor and press heels against the ground.
  • Hold for 30 seconds.

Low Lateral Lunge

  • Stand up straight with hips extended and arms straight out.
  • Step to the left and squat down on the right leg.
  • Bend at the hip and keep the back neutral.
  • Extend the left leg while keeping the feet flat on the ground.
  • Bend the right knee until the torso is parallel to the ground and the left leg is fully extended.
  • Keeping the arms forward, tighten the glutes and push the right leg against the ground to come up.
  • Do this 10 times on each side

Eight turns with the ball

  • Take a ball, place the legs far apart with the buttocks back, bend forward with the back straight.
  • Bring the ball forward and bring it between the legs to the other hand.
  • Grab the ball behind the leg and swing it forward and through the other leg.
  • Pass the ball 20 times this way and then 20 times the other way.

Standing flat twist

  • Stand upright with a ball in your hands, holding it at chest height with your hands bent.
  • Keep your feet still and turn your torso from the waist to the left.
  • Then turn to the right.
  • Keep the ball at the right height and do this 30 times.
  • The hats around the basket have different colors.
  • The hats are placed at maximum 3 meters from the basket.
  • The player outside the box names a colour and plays the ball in the area of that colour.
  • The player at the basket is blocking an opponent, walks sideways/backwards to the mentioned colour, gets the ball and shoots.
  • It is important that the co-offensive player sees the defender's position and steers the blocker in the right direction.
  • Play 2 rounds, scoring from each colour, then with a defender who must be provoked.
  • Around the basket are 4 hats at about 3 meters.
  • At 5 metres there are 4 hats of another colour.
  • In the small square stands the rebounder and outside the big square stands the shooter.
  • The shooter shoots from outside the lines and must hit 5 times.
  • The winner is the one who scores the 5 goals in the least number of turns.
  • The winner then plays against another winner and the loser against another loser.
  • Each pair a basket and a ball.
  • One of the two teams has a ribbon on his head.
  • So you have a team with and a team without a ribbon.
  • One player is the shooter and the other the catcher.
  • Alternately a player with a ribbon and a player without a ribbon stand under the basket.
  • We all start shooting at the same time.
  • When a goal is scored, you change places.
  • The team that is first under the basket has won.
  • So if all players with/without a ribbon are under the basket, you've won.
  • 4 posts in a square.
  • 4 attackers.
  • 1 attacker.
  • 3 defenders.
  • The attacker must find the free post.
  • The defenders must therefore make it as difficult as possible and communicate.
  • Variants:
    • Only through balls.
    • Only shots.
    • x number of goals etc.
  • Players run one after the other in a "train" around the poles.
  • The last player tries to get in front.
  • If he succeeds, the next player goes.
  • Players continue until everyone has come from the back to the front.
  • First round at an easy pace.
  • Second round faster pace.
  • 2 poles opposite each other.
  • Each pole has its own 2/3 team.
  • The two players who are going for a walk-through walk towards the other pole.
  • In the middle they circle each other.
  • The players sprint back to their own goalposts and make a turnover.


  • Instead of a through ball, a dodge ball.
  • Instead of a through ball, a pull-away ball behind the post.
  • If necessary, post to post, whoever scores X number of goals first.
  • Shot game in 2 form playing against the other baskets.
  • One of the two will shoot, when 2 times they score.
  • Call to your coach: Are you the fastest, then you have won and there is exchanged,
  • But not yet in possession of a point.
  • You earn a point if your partner is also the fastest to score twice.
  • So you earn a point if you win twice in a row.
  • Variation is possible by means of penalty throws, walkthroughs, number of goals, etc.
  • You work in pairs in this circuit.
  • Score 5 penalties per person with a tennis ball.
  • Place a hoop at 10 meters.
  • Roll the ball from the starting point into the hoop.
  • The ball must stay in the hoop.
  • You can continue when you both have scored.
  • Throw the ball from the starting point into the hoop which is still at 10 meters.
  • You score when the ball falls into the hoop.
  • The ball must not touch the ground in front of the hoop.
  • Place the hoop 3 metres from the basket, jump out of the hoop and get the ball in the jump.
  • Score both 2x. (If this is too difficult, you can have the player with the ball jump out of the hoop and then shoot in the jump).
  • Score from sitting position at 4 metres.