Korfball drills for defense


  • List:
    • 5 passed balls,
    • 10 penalty shots,
    • 5 shots from 4 meters,
    • 15 walk-throughs from behind the basket,
    • 5 shots from 3 meters behind the basket.
  • 2 in front of the basket.
  • One person behind the basket tries to get in front.
  • It doesn't work because someone is defending in front of the basket.
  • Throw long ball. Change every 2 shots.
  • Make 8
  • Per basket 4 players, 2 attackers, 2 defenders.
  • They compete with each other and the rules are changed a little bit each time.
    1. The attackers must score 2x. Intercept the defenders 2x the ball then there is exchanged
    2. same as above but now there may only be shot if there is at least 1x overplayed
    3. same as 1 but only allowed to score with an extended ball
    4. Defensive shooting is allowed, the catch is important to be able to continue attacking.
  • etc. The trainer of each basket can make additions to these exercises, passing on these variations quickly is a must for concentration.
  • Make 2 teams of 4 players.
  • Hats!
  • Gather between the 4 baskets.
  • The attacking team gets the ball and can choose which basket to attack.
  • This is to encourage them to look for free space.
  • The other team follows, intercepts the ball?
  • Then they choose. Do this the first 5 minutes.
  • Then another variant.
  • Divide all players over 4 teams. Each team gets its own basket and must defend it.
  • If one team has the ball, they choose where to attack.
  • 5 men per basket.
  • Players A start as attackers in front of the basket.
  • Players V start as defenders, 1.5 arms' length away from the shooter.
  • Player C starts with the ball in the box.
  • Attacker A must try to score through the 1 on 1 duel.
  • It does not matter how (distance, evasion, dlb).
  • When the attacker has the ball in his hands, the defender has to close the gap. D
  • he defender is not allowed to tap or block balls.
  • The V must show that she is with the attacker, but must allow the shot.
  • This can be done by the defender placing her hand just above the attacker's shoulder.
  • After 1 minute, the V has to change position.


  • make 2 groups
  • the attack takes the ball out to the trainers.
  • When the defence has intercepted the ball, they first pass it back to the trainers.
  • When a goal is scored, the team gets a bonus and can take the ball back out.
  • When attacking, pay attention to good set-ups and the star shape to get free
  • Everyone line up and go into the defensive stance backwards.
  • Left foot forward + left arm forward this you do alternate with right.

In short: practice various forms of the shot in a fun competition format.


  • Each group has a basket and a ball, the baskets should preferably (but not necessarily) be arranged in a circle or rectangle.
  • The number of people per group is less important (all groups should be about the same size).

The first assignment for the groups is:

  • score 10 goals with a walkthrough.
  • When you are done, the creator of the last goal goes to the trainer to get the next assignment.
  • Which group will have completed all assignments first?

The trainer walks around in the mean time,

  • giving encouragement or correcting here and there.
  • He has a piece of paper with a list of assignments.
  • When someone comes to get the next assignment, first ask him which assignment he just did (it can vary a lot after a while) and then give the next one.
  • A sample list:
    • 10 passing balls,
    • 15 penalty shots,
    • 10 shots from 5 meters,
    • 10 through balls from behind the basket,
    • 5 dodge balls next to the post,
    • 5 shots from 4 meters behind the basket,
    • 5 small chances with 1 hand.
    • Everything is possible of course, a lot of momentum comes when the number of goals to be scored is kept small.
  • Two pairs at a basket.
  • Number one shoots, number two duels for the catch.
  • If you have the ball first, play the ball to your teammate who can then shoot.
  • Change every goal, the first to score five goals wins the game.
  • points of interest:
    • Good blocking of opponent without foul
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