Korfball drills for passing / attack

  • In the 1:1 you try to score 2x in 1 minute.
  • The defender makes choices which ball she defends.
  • The attacker and the passer play this out together.
  • attack, defend and pass each 3x 1 minute.
  • You have 2 teams and you have to play together to get the ball into the opponent's box.
  • Your opponents can cover you but they can also intercept
  • If this happens, the other team may attack and try to get the ball into the other team's box
  • Start with 2 attackers 1 defender
  • Attackers will throw over and the defender must try to intercept the ball
  • When the attackers have passed the ball 7 times a defender comes on
  • Then it is 2 against 2
  • If the attackers have passed the ball again 7 times, another defender comes on
  • If the defenders have intercepted 3 times, an attacker is added.
  • By twos.
  • Stand about 7 metres apart.
  • Pass the ball to each other from left to right and vice versa.
  • Catch and throw with 1 hand.
  • Who do that 10 times without the ball falling.
  • You need 2 baskets per 4 or 5 persons.
  • The poles are opposite each other.
  • There are fixed helpers with the ball.
  • You take the run-through on the post opposite the post where you started.
    • When you have made the run through, you start again from the pole where you just made the run through and continue to the other side.
  • Change after x goals or after so many minutes.
  • Then the passers take the runners and the takers pass to the other players.
    • Pay attention to the passing and the technique of the runthrough.
  • If necessary, put a cap or a pawn where the children should get the ball.

  • You need a 3 or 4 team to defend the run through.
  • One person under the basket with the ball and possibly also a catcher.
  • In front of the basket, an attacker and a defender, at about 5-6 meters from the basket (at far shot distance).
  • The person under the basket (attacker) has the ball.
  • The attacker runs sideways (right or left) and gets the ball from the person in charge.
  • The attacker throws the ball back to the attacker and goes in a straight line to the basket and makes a run through or in out shot (if the run through is too well defended).
  • The defender stays in the right place to prevent the run through.
  • Point of attention defense:
    • Stay close to the attacker
    • Keep your knees bent
    • Do not turn around when the ball is thrown
    • Do not run after your opponent

  • Variant on shot movement triangle
    • Instead of a shot
    • Start rebounding away for a short chance
    • Front player remains in play-off position
    • Indicates position of rebound (1/5)
  • Variant 2:
    • Frontline player runs one back (space)
    • Ball diagonal and throwing player comes next to it
  • Per pair both score 2 times on 4/5 meter then to the next pole (can overtake each other).
    • Team that is first back to their own basket wins.
  • Idem db 4 per person (PP)
  • Idem 4 dots pp, wrong is start counting again at 0
  • Shot pp from pylon (distance), score 3, is get pylon in the middle.
    • Are they gone, you may take them away from another, until you have 5 as a pole.
  • Player 1 starts at a few meters from the basket to start a distance shot.
  • The ball is caught by player 2 and player 1 makes a run through.
  • The ball is caught again and player 1 makes a short chance from behind the basket.
  • If none of these 3 chances are seated, the player must do it again.
  • If one of the 3 chances is placed, the next player may try again.
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