Korfball drills for warming-up

  • The teacher sets out three areas of approximately equal size with pawns.
  • It is best to use the volleyball lines (see map).
  • There are three sections (see map):
  • Left: barons square (losers square)
  • Centre: princes section (neutral section)
  • Right: king of the court (winner section)
  • All students stand in the middle section.
  • With a signal from the teacher the game starts.
  • All pupils have to try to tap/strike the ball of another pupil out of the box.
  • If you succeed you move one square to the right.
  • If your ball is knocked away you move up one square to the left.
  • If you hit/tap someone's ball out of the box on the right you score a point.
  • If your ball is knocked out of the winner's box you lose all your points.
  • If your ball is knocked out of the left box nothing happens and you stay standing.
  • When the teacher gives the final signal the person with the most points is king of the court and he/she has won.


  • 2 x 2 different tickers
  • Complete team:
    • One person is the ticker, and must tick off everyone.
    • The other people have 2 balls at their disposal which they can pass around.
    • You may not be tagged at the moment you have the ball in your hands. D
    • When the ball is in your hands, you have to throw the ball to the person who is being tapped.
    • Of course, you are not allowed to hold the ball endlessly.
  • Doubles,
  • running around the circle of pawns.
  • At the whistle you have to pass the ball as fast as possible.
  • After scoring three times you may switch with the attacker.
  • After that you pull away from the ball,
  • If you score as declarer, you may remain standing,
  • Otherwise you change with the taker.
  • Make two teams.
  • The goal is to get the ball to the other side of the line.
  • You do this by standing in plank position and then pushing the ball to the other person who is standing further down in plank position.
  • Then you run to the front and stand in a holding position and wait for the ball to come.
  • The team that gets to the other side first wins.
  • 1 declarer throws the ball to the person in front of the basket
  • he then makes a shot when the ball is caught
  • under the basket he then goes inside
  • and takes a walkthrough ball
  • finally, he takes a short chance
    • you can play this like this, for example, who is the first to the 20
  • 2 with ball under the basket (the under and in front of the basket are a set)
  • 2 people in front of the basket (opposite each other)
  • if you score, you move up
  • You do this until you have been overtaken by the other shooter or you have overtaken him.catch-up-with-each-other
  • Relay:
    • Preparation:
    • Make 2/3 rows of successively 1 hoop, 1 loose basket on the ground, 1 jump rope, 1 basket with pole
    • Relay races start at the pawn, first through the hoop, then through the basket, then jump rope 2 times, make 1 goal and run back.
    • Which team has been all first?

  • 2 at the post;
  • 1 takes 10 short chances and 5 penalties, these must be hit!
  • The other one walks between the pillar (or line) back and forth until the other one is ready, then changes function,
  • this one does the same as far as the shot is concerned.
  • Run around a square.
  • Each time a new number is called.
  • Each number is a different task.
    • At 1, jump up,
    • On 2, the back tries to catch the front,
    • On 3, touch the ground.
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