Soccer drills for defense



Field setup:

Put out a field with 4 pawns at 20 by 10 meters.

Course of play:

Players must come from one side of the field with a ball on the other side. In the middle is the ball collector. This player should try to take the ball from the running players.

Rules of the game:

  • Watch carefully where and when you can run over with the ball.
  • The collector must try to chase the players to the side.
  • If the collector touches the ball from another player, the player who has touched the ball must be in the middle.
  • If the ball goes over the sideline of a player then the player is also off and becomes the collector.
  • You may not walk back over the imaginary backline.


Field setup:

2 goals along each line and 1 ball.

Course of play:

3 players in blue play a game against 3 players in purple.

Game rules/tips:

  • If a goals is scored, the ball must be given to the other team.
  • You may not score from your own half.
  • If the ball is over the line it must be thrown in.
  • It is important to make triangles on the field to be able to pass the ball well to each other without the opponent being able to get in between.


Field setup:

Put out a field with 4 pylons at 20 by 20 meters.

Course of play:

Every 2 players get one ball. The purple player must try to shield the ball in front of the blue player. The blue player must try to get the ball without making a foul.

Rules of the game:

  • If a player takes the ball, then this player may shield the ball and the other player must take the ball back.
  • On the whistle signal of the trainer you have to switch players.
  • You may not switch to another player that you have already played against once.
  • When shielding the ball, use your body well.
  • Duration:
    • +- 20 min
  • Distance:
    • 10 meters wide
    • 15 meters long
  • Execution: 
    • Blue defenders play the ball to the attackers.
    • Blue defends the goal.
    • Press opponent. 
    • One player puts pressure.
    • Another goes behind it diagonally for back cover. 
    • Play is over when ball is out or a goal is scored, switch teams.
  • Coaching moment: 
    • Defenders keep calm keep switching well with back cover. 
    • Attackers high ball tempo field wide keep playing defense.
    • Through ball between them.
  • Duration: 
    • Remainder
  • Distance: 
    • Width: 
      • Whole Field 
    • Length: 
      • Between center line and 16 meters
  • Execution: 
    • Everyone has his position and his direct opponent. 
    • If you have the ball, you screen the ball
    • Then drop it on incoming player and build up to goal.
  • Coach moment: 
    • Ball shield, 
    • Make walking action at the right time. 
    • Dare to play forwards. 
  • Put pilons as on picture.
  • A course for 1 on 1 duel with big goal.
  • A course for 1 on 1 duel with small goal.
  • Two players as defender on both courses.
  • One goalkeeper on big goal.
  • Each course one row of players.
  • Player passes with defender. 
  • Goes into duel. 
  • Passes and completes.
  • Same on both courses. Players change courses after the exercise is completed.

  • Find the players at the side to play a first-time ball.
  • Create a wide field.
  • Mandatory passing to the players at the side if one wants to get in scoring position.
  • 1 field on plain 3*1 yellow goal 4 against 4 with 2 players at the side (double formation).
  • make a field about a quarter of a quarter.
  • Set two small goals opposite each other. Divide the players over the two goals. (With many players you can make two squares)
  • One party has the ball and plays over to the other side.
  • Then the 1 v 1 starts.
  • One side has to attack and defend the other. 
  • It is only allowed to shoot from the pilons towards the goal.
  • If the defending party picks up the ball, the roles can be reversed.
  • By playing this game quickly you practice passing, controlling, attacking, defending.
  • But also on fast shifting, perseverance and insight.



  • There will be played 4 against 4 + goalkeeper.
  • If the party that has to score on the big goal has lost the ball, they have to defend 5 goals.
  • After 15 minutes there's a changing of halves.


  • If the triangles' attackers lose the ball, they can very quickly score a counter-goal.
  • Especially the players who don't defend often in the league games won't like this kind of game.

Points of attention:

  • Cover the man in time.
  • Don't go in too quick.
  • Cover on the right side.
  • Posture during the duels, through the knees.
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