Volleyball drills for all skills


Running in circles and stretching

Each exercise (or choose some) is done for 30 seconds followed by 15 sec rest:

- Knee lifts on the spot-
Wall sit and pass ball-
Push-Ups (each at their own level)
- Sit-ups (straight and/or oblique abs)


Bench jumps:

a. 2 legs sideways with a bench in between. Then jump on and off.

b. Jump with 2 legs on the bench (sideways) and off again. Then to the left on the bench and off again. 30 sec on your own place.

Hip cross over 10x, scorpion 10x, planks 10x, squats 10x

Playing fanatically

The four quarter courts are numbered (see the triangles in the picture). The goal is for the team to reach field 1. You do this by making no mistakes! On each field stands a threesome or twosome.

The game starts with bringing the ball into the field. This can be done by the trainer, but a player can also throw the ball over the net.

The pair that receives the ball plays it back over the net three times (mandatory!), etc.
The team that makes a mistake goes out of the field (in case of 5 teams) or to field four (in case of 4 teams).
The other teams move one space forward.
So if the team in field two makes a mistake, it goes out, field three moves on to field 2, field 4 to field 3 and the 5th team goes to field 4.

After 10 minutes the game stops, whichever team is in field 1 is the winner!


  • Trainer throws the ball,
  • player forms a circle with arms through which the ball must fall.
  • Players walk with the ball bouncing through the room
  • and must try to knock off the balls of the other players along the way.
  • The one who is left has won.
  • Players are given ribbons in knee pads and must try to take each other's ribbons.
  • When a player loses a ribbon, the trainer will give him a new one.
  • Who has collected the most ribbons, has won.
  • Goal: sit low.

Warming up with ball



without-ballWarm up for the school.

  • Coach throws a setup on 3 and X at side A. 3 and X attack.
  • The 6 on side B are in rally formation and defend the attacks.

  • 1 and X on side B look at their attacker to know where to put the block.
  • X1 joins X and 1 by looking at their feet and placing hers next to them.

  • Move after the setup is given and move as long as you can.

Moving as long as you can is in my case the moment the attacker barely touches the ball. At that moment, you make a split step as a defender and make sure that your body's centre of gravity (LZP) has been brought forward. So do not move backwards when the ball is hit because your LZP is then behind you and you are too late to defend the ball in front of you.

If the ball is defended, then rally.

Team 2
: One player sits on the ground with legs wide and has the ball.
The other player is standing.

  • The sitting player rolls the ball 1x along the left leg and the standing player taps the ball back.
  • After this the ball goes past the right leg and the standing player moves with closing pass to this ball and taps it back.
  • This way from left to right on a good tempo.