Volleyball drills for all skills


Knee prevention:

  • Squats (2x12)
  • Lunges (12 each side)

Back/pelvis prevention:

  • Planks (side and straight plank) (20sec each)
  • Side stance and leg raises (15x each side)

Shoulder prevention:

  • Flat on the floor and arms at 90° and lift (15x)
  • 3 times to the net (forward and backward)
  • 3 times to the net, behind 3 metres, to the net and sprint back
  • 2 x back and forth knee lifts (left leg up, left arm up etc)
  • Heels/Buttocks upper body straight 2x back and forth
  • 2x back and forth sitting low in defensive stance sideways
  • 3x standing fast footwork 9 meters, then sprint to 3 meters
  • 1 throws the ball underhand
  • 2 set up second tempo
  • 1 runs, makes attack and raises both arms
  • 3 defends, retrieves ball, rolls to 4
  • 4 gives ball to 1
  • after 5 good balls 1>3>4>1 turn over
  • core-2
  • Then 3 throws the ball to 1
  • 1 passes to 2
  • 2 gives set up to 1
  • 1 makes an attack and raises both arms
  • 3 defends or gets ball from 4
  • after 5 good balls, 1 >3>4>1


  • player throws ball to defender
  • the defender passes to SV
  • SV gives setup
  • Attacker hits, thinking about the arms,
  • If set up is not good, play smart on position 1, 5, or short on 2 or 4
  • Attacker gets ball, puts it in the box and stands in line of passers.
  • Passer becomes attacker
  • 10x push-ups (may also be on knees)
  • 40 sec planking (straight back) 3x with 15 sec rest in between
  • lie on your back, 1 minute
  • 10x whole belly exercise


1 - dive to 3 metres
2 - attack jump with stroke movement
3 - block on mid and left 
4 - block at the same time as 3 block, get out and dive to the back line 2 times 
     (left, right)
5 - low defence to 6 over the backline
6 - sprint back
 3 times around

Loosen ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, wrists

Abdominal exercises

sit ups, ankle taps, legs up, foot taps, knees to the left- sit ups, knees to the right- sit ups, hip cross over, Scorpion, planks left, planks right, planks

Play fanatically in pairs


  • Player 1 is ready at the first pawn
  • Then runs quickly around all the pawns sideways
  • After the last pawn, sprint to the front where a ball is thrown by the trainer at around 3 metres.
  • This ball must be passed from a standing position.

With more than 6 players, set up the track twice and let a teammate throw the ball in turns. Otherwise they stand still too long. Run the course 2 times.

  • Ladder walk at a fast pace. With every step keep your heels off the ground.
  • Slalom around the pawns.
  • Attack pass to the net and shuffle backwards (3x attack pass and 2x shuffle).
  • Step under the net.
  • Sideways past the net with head under net edge.
  • Sprint diagonally to the back left.
  • Walk around the pawn and sprint over the backline.
  • Run back to starting position.


  • 6 times to the net (forward and backward)
  • 2x back and forth knee lifts (left leg up, left arm up etc)
  • Heels/Buttocks straight up 2x times
  • 2x back and forth sitting low in defensive position
  • 2x cross pass back and forth.

The purpose of the core is that the players can play the ball overhead.

  • The players stand in pairs facing each other and play overhead.
  • Hands well above the head, from the legs, stretch the body and point to the ball
  • The players stand further and further apart.

  • Then we form two rows diagonally across the field and we play BH, chase your ball