Volleyball drills for all skills


Two teams of 3-4

  • run
  • bounce the ball on the right
  • bounce the ball left

line up in two rows facing each other and start throwing up, joining the row on the other side by running over and tapping the back line (depending on the number of players)

  • put ball in play; S set-up at front left,
  • 1 diagonal attack
  • when ball is over the net all players turn one spot
  • defend diagonal attack on set-upper
  • set-up on the left front, diagonal attack; etc.


  • When turning around, quickly return to the starting position.
  • all take care of the attacking side
  • right front block straight ahead


  • Sit on the ground with your legs spread and try to grab your ankles on both sides. Then legs together and then grab the ankles with both arms.
  • Stretch your arms by bringing your left arm to your right shoulder. & vice versa.
  • Planks. right side, left side and straight plank.
  • abdominal muscles.
  • Lunges, stepping out with your right leg and left leg.

Playing in pairs fanatically.

Block defend with dive

  • 1 blocks first at the centre and then at the left front.
  • after the block, turns around and defends back the attack of 3.
  • then defends (in dive) short ball from 5
  • 2 is next
  • Turn over:
    • 1 to short ball
    • 3 to blocking
    • 5 to attack


  • Trainer throws the ball to the playmaker
  • Sv gives set up to Attacker
  • A must hit
  • Block must be set up well by the outside and the middle joins in.
  • V defends the ball
  • After 10 turns

Two groups are standing behind a mat.

One player in turn dives on the mat and runs back, tapping the next player. This player also runs to the mat and dives on it, so that the mat shifts.

The group that reaches the other side first with the mat is the winner.

The basics:

  1. Step out with one leg to the side.

  2. Bring the upper body down.

  3. Put your hands forward in the pass movement.

  4. Catch yourself with your hands.

  5. And slide through.

With a ball

  1. Step out with one leg to the side just in front of the ball

  2. Bring your upper body down.

  3. Put your hands forward and grab the ball

  4. You throw the ball upwards

  5. Catch yourself with your hands

  6. And slide through.


The field is divided into two parts using an aerial. The teams are divided into two teams of equal players. We play a match to 10 points.

- The first five points we play on the left side of one field and the other field. So the players have to play diagonally.

- From 5 they play straight ahead 1 team has to shift on its field.

- from 10 points they play diagonally again but the other team has to shift.

- from 15 points onwards they play straight again but on the other side.

It is important that they look carefully at the field layout.

It is important that the players pay attention to the field layout. When they are positioned diagonally, they have to pay attention to the fact that the ball will fall into the field along the right side of the middle antenna. The same when they are on the left that it should fall on the left.